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Can I have mine in picture form and in avatar form if it isn't to hard?
could you just pick a few coasters from sfmm because they have alot of coasters to many to fit into one pic and could you find the background pic because the ones i got are to small
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Could I please have one with the Six Flags Great America double deck carousel in the center, and all the roller coasters going around it? A good place to look for photos is www.sfgamworld.com/gallery/SFGAm . I don't know if you can use photos just from that site, but if you can, do. Include every coaster except Spacely's Sprocket Rockets and Rajun Cajun, and no defunct rides. Thanks!


P.S. - It looks like everyone is posting in here, and it sounds like you're pretty busy, so I am willing to wait for mine. I don't need it right away. And trust me, it's really awesome that you're doing this! Nice job!

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The 'second' car in that train has been copied to create the 'first' car...if you look carefully, you can see where the feet have been chopped off from some careless editing.

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Could I get a picture of Kumba, SROS@SFNE, Riddler's Revenge, and Goliath (at Walibi World) around Olympia Looping as an avatar, please?


(Olympia Looping is a Schwarzkopf transportable coaster with five vertical loops.)

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^^ You just took my idea for a Holiday World one.


Could you make me one of just The Raven. Please.


You can have mine! It is of the lake turn around, I got plenty more to choose from.


avatar size

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