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Photo TR- SFGAm (4-27-07)

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Parker swallows his bawls and we were out the door to round up our passe.


Including Our Good Friend Andy,

and a blurry MerryDeath


We showed up just in time for the chain drop. We also met these two.



First stop?

Bull.....what else?


MerryDeath glares, the homeboys pose, and Dan takes summore nerdy shots of coasters.


It's okay, dude, we're all guilty of it.


There was something interesting in the Bull station....

Someone tried to disguise this as a smiley face....but we all know the dirty, dirty truth.



Only losers ride in the back row.......



I wish I was a loser...


This must've been the infamous train that had the accident. It didn't run with anyone in it.


Ha! Now there's two more people who have hugged the Bull! Man, that support is a whore!


While the ladies ran to the "whizzer", us fellas rode the Drop.

Man, private events rokk.


Drop was mighty fun. Now that the gals are back, we went to Viper.


Ally and Dan both think the same....Why does he take so many damn pictures?


Our Good Friend Andy and Parker.....dance?


Hmm...good dancing or not, it seems that it let them ride before us.

Haha! It looks like Our Good Friend Andy is yelling at Parker... and Parker is about to cry..... or crap his pants.... either way COMEDIC GOLD!


Oh, Wiggles.

Yeah.... Let's ride Eagle, now.


Christ on a crepe, this is long! Too much twisty!

It just keeps going!

Here's where the stairs used to be.

Luckily, they still have the sign that warns people about the evil Trash Receptacle.... wait a minute... where is said Receptacle?

Oh good God! It escaped! Run for the hills! Run! Go! Ahhhhh!


Well, Eagle broke before we could ride it



Our Good Friend Andy took advantage of the half priced food.

Believe it or not, this meal cost under five dollars!


MerryDeath is happy to be back with her lover, The Dark Knight.

So is everyone else, apparently.

Yay, Red Eye!

She really does love The Ride.


We tracked down That Guy, cause we promised him a cameo in today's episode.

But there was this weird Blair Witch thing on the ground...

We felt uneasy, so we got out of there.

Bye, That Guy!


On our way around, we hit Superman. Interesting thing, The Trash Receptacles have been forming an army.


Yeah, I stole this picture idea, but it is really weird...


Cool new figures that don't have crap all over them.

And look! Supergirl doesn't have jizz all over her!


These are the cool new park maps that're all folded funky.


I dig it.


Hey, it's This Guy!

No time to talk, This Guy. Triple Play is closed right now and we have to get our Demon on...


Our... Deem on



Our Dem on.




Parker is ready to get his Deem On.

So, is MerryDeath. But that's obvious.


And in an odd turn of events, Parker started the ride at Demon and ended on Whizzer...


Of course, This Guy showed up yet again...

He told us to head to the Southwest Ampitheatre.


On our way, we saw Robin, the boy wonder.

He told us it'd be better if we went home.


So we did.




Bye Six Flags. See you next week. Hopefully for more than two hours.


The End.

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