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Photo TR - SFGAm Family Fun Preview Night

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Ok, so we arrived at the park at 5:15 with there already being about 12 cars there. They open the gates and we enter the parking lot. We are greeted with new signs as soon as we exit the car.


(All these pictures were taken on my camera phone, 1.3 megapixels, which may explain for decent quality)


Pulling up to SFGAm





Tickets to get into the park


Finally inside the park again, the carousel.


The new garbage cans.


A new mister thing.


Another misty thing.


Let's ride it!


We get to our first ride....

It is rather rough for Bull


Cycling the red train empty.


Then we rode Viper, it was an amazing ride, probably the best ride of the day.


Eagle's new entrance, crazy queue.


Now some Wiggle World!








Eagle's new queue area thing. It's very long and annoying, but RERIDES now (set up for it without exiting and re-entering)!



Then we rode this since AEB broke right as we got up there, so we left.


Just a random shot.


Then got on this awesome ride!


The queue line, boy was it long....




Then we something strange in the window....


It's That Guy!


Then got on this ride, just to ride it.


The awesome garbage can shot.



New posters!


Cool shot with the sun reflections


We then rode Demon and Whizzer, which then it came time for the Kickoff Party. All these next pictures are from that party. It was also inside the Spy Girl Stuntshow ampitheater



Hank Salemi, the GM of the park (kinda blurry).


New show, Spirit of America. It is rather good, I like the story of it.


And the Wiggles had a segment from their show too


That's it, two hours of ride time, rode plenty of stuff.











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Neat photos, I sure like that idea of the American Eagle queue equipped for easier re-rides, as it was something I liked to ride several times during my last trip there in '2004.


The big stickers on the trashcans may seem a little tacky, but likewise "mean business." SFKK has no-smoking symbols on their trash cans, and would be a nice idea for some Cedar Fair parks too since...


Begin Rant... Kings Island still has issues with its smoking enforcement. I'd see employees walk past or see smokers walk past them, doing nothing, just either staring into space or in their subconcious world. End of Rant.

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