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Photo TR: SF Great Adv April 22, 2007 (Gmoney's B-Day!)

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The Gmoney Family headed out to GA for my birthday. Took the twins for their 1st GA trip. A lot of 1sts today. 1st credits, drinks from souvenir cups and cotton candy.


I figured I’d do something a bit different and give you a trip report from two 13 month-olds’ points of view.


BTW, I had no idea the Alvey's and the rest of you were there that day. I couldn't believe it when I found out! I even had a TPR shirt on! How did nobody spot me? Oh well.



G “Daddy” Money


And back to Garden Road for the big birthday bash. Nice Elmo candle, I know…

Thanks for reading!!!


…a little too much. All gone, Gracie…!


They loved it…


ANOTHER 1ST! 1ST Cotton Candy!


Have some more crackers…


Still eating animal crackers waiting for Dad on KK. I think that KidTums is here somewhere…I know it!


Eatin’ animal crackers waiting for Dad to launch on KK (he never would…


ANOTHER 1ST! 1ST drink from a Six Flags souvenir cup!!!


The king surveys his kingdom high above Balin’s Jungleland. “Dad, is that KidTums over there?” “No Nate, why would the Alvey’s be here…?”


High above Balin’s Jungleland, a high-stakes game of Tic-Tac-Toe takes place. The loser…gets no cookie!


Aunt Linda’s giving small boy Nate a hand with the bongo drums. BA-BA-LOOOOO!!!


Another terrible attempt to get a coaster into this Trip Report.


Nathan’s conquering the cargo net in Balin’s Jungle playland.


“Hon, are you getting the coaster in the shot? Nice!”


Grace was not so sure how “goodness” rubber log was…


Nathan enjoying rubber log goodness!


Nate & Grace had a ball in Capt. Feathersword’s ship playground. Very safe for the little tikes.


Another mom pic. “G, get with Sylvester. It’s your birthday!” *sigh*


I thought this pic was funny! My niece is the biggest kid on the ride, yet she’s the only one not smiling and appears terrified! And she likes this ride (Froghopper).


1ST CREDIT ALERT!!! Nate’s 1st credit was also Taz Swings in Bugs Bunny Land by Wiggles World.


1st CREDIT ALERT!!! Grace’s 1st credit was on the Taz swings in Bugs Bunny Land by Wiggles World


Gracie agrees!


Nate thought Capt. Feathersword’s ship playground was totally kick-ass!


Total mom pic. She’s all, “G, stand by the waterfall with Grace & Sophie…Sophie look, Soph look, SOPHIE LOOK!!!”


“Dad, let’s go already! I’m ready to start my credit-whoring!”


The girls are posing (my sis Linda & my niece Sophie), but Nathan’s too thirsty to pose!


We’re here! Everyone made it to SFGAdv and we’re hungry! How ‘bout some chicken…? Mmm…

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^I know! I'm still baffled.


I told my wife about you guys being there and she was so upset she didn't get to meet you both. She wanted to check you guys out before she let me go for 10 days in August with you! I guess it's nice to be loved


I keep telling her you guys are kewl, but Robb really makes my case hard sometimes (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID...!)...




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Robb really makes my case hard sometimes




No wonder the wife is concerned!


Whoa, whoa, whoa! I meant like legal case. My argument.



G "I'm not gay...not that there's anything wrong with that" Money

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