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Best Launched Coaster

What is your favorite launched roller coaster?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite launched roller coaster?

    • Revenge of the Mummy - USF
    • Revenge of the Mummy - USH
    • Batman and Robin: The Chiller - Batman
    • Batman and Robin: The Chiller - Robin
    • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
    • Top Thrill Dragster
    • Kingda Ka
    • Storm Runner
    • XLR8R
    • Rita: Queen of Speed
    • Rita: Queen of Speed
    • Incredible Hulk Coaster
    • Other

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Really couldn't decide. I love TTD because it's the (now next-to- ) ultimate, XCelerator for its intensity and overbanks, RnRC cos its indoor launch kicks butt, and Hulk for its always wonderful uphill-launch-and-then-you're-outside-in-a-barrel-roll goodness. Going to SFGadv and PKD in the next couple of weeks, so with any luck, I'll have still more choices to confuse me.

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Haven't been on many launch coasters (only the backlot clones), however, I'd have to say either storm runner, TTD or Dodonpa. All look to have extremely forceful laubches.


As a side note, for those who've done the LIM/LSM coasters, as well as the rocket/S&S coasters, what's the difference?... Are the LSM launches not as good (obviously they seem more reliable, as even B&M has started using them, and there's not too many S&S & intamin launchers being built anymore... At least in North America/Europe)

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