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Gerstlauer Offers Launch Coasters

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Launch Coaster

3...2...1... Takeoff - in less than 3 seconds you rocket to a maximum speed of 50 mph. Gerstlauer Amusement Rides' new Launch Coaster offers you and your guests the thrills of an exciting scream machine.

With a breathtaking 1.5 G acceleration during the launch you will be pressed into the comfortable bucket seats before you speed skyward. The new six passenger cars feature unique lap bars and the open design enhances the experiences by offering every rider a great view of the thrills that lie ahead.


The Launch Coaster is offered in both standard and custom layouts, which means that Gerstlauer can meet your needs and offer fun for families and thrillseekers alike. Thanks to the optional use of a maintenance-friendly, kinetic energy storage system the Launch Coaster only needs a connected load of 150 resp. 100kW.


Offer your guests a new experience of speed with the Launch Coaster of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides.


Technical Data

Model Proposal LC "Custom" LC "Compact"

Width ~ 460 ft ~ 160 ft

Depth ~ 197 ft ~ 115 ft

Height ~ 59 ft ~ 49 ft

Track Length ~ 2133 ft ~ 1460 ft

Speed ~ 50 miles/h ~ 42 miles/h

Launch acceleration ~ 1 - 1,5g ~ 1 - 1,5g

Launch track ~ 98 ft ~ 66 ft

Trains 3 with 2 cars 3 with 1 car

Persons per car 6 6

Connected load (short peak) ~ 800 kW ~ 400 kW

With energy storage system ~ 120 kW ~ 120 kW

Capacity 600 Pph 720 Pph





Looks interesting....but 600 to 720 Pph.....have fun waiting in line for hours! YIKES!


New launch coasters from Gertlauer.






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Apparently this Gerstlauer launch coaster cconceptsbeen around for a while, they just 'updated' the launch coaster page lately.


I'm hoping a park will get one sooner or later, they look much better than the X-car launch coaster


BTW ^^ I think you quoted the wrong person

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I'm surprised we have not seen one of these yet, the concept has been about for some time and I thought a lot of smaller parks would of been interested in this as it looks like a rather neat budget launch coaster...


Hopefully we will see one of these in the next few years, as I'd like to find out what they are like as those layouts in the graphic art look rather thrilling.

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