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JEEPERS!!!!! Oh.. and SFA and SFGAdv.. - Photo TR!

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Aww that poor kitty! It looks like it is sleeping, so that's all I'm gonna think of it. I'm glad you guys had fun at GAdv, and Kingda Krap was running pretty well that weekend (I went on Saturday) surprisingly. I've broken it before too, but then again, hasn't everybody? Like Cory said, you all need to come up to Jersey again this summer!

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I just noticed the pictures of the fight that happened by KK. I walked by there when it was happening. I heard the lady say "lets settle this peacefully." Looked like a bunch of typical ignorant people, the type us gadv goers hate.

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I was in line for KK when "they" broke it, so I know. Apparently, a cell phone fell out of the train on the braking hill at the end. They had to close the ride and inspect the entire track to make sure it was not on the track.


The lady in line in front of me saw it fall and my mom, who was waiting to watch me launch with my wife and the twins, went to tell the ops where they saw the phone fall, but I guess it didn't matter.



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Yeah the 2 guys in front of us had a bag on the ride with them. And going over the tophat the bag (on a strap) went up like TWO FEET!I almost grabbed it but then I saw it was around the guys body...


The fins never went down.. So once the train slowed we just kept creeping down the hill until we got to the turn where we were *free* until we hit the ones right outside the station where we then just sat. After a bit they rolled us into the back station (we had loaded in the front) and then after a bit more.. They rolled the second train backwards into the station.

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