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Ha! With $700mil being dumped into rehab and new attractions, they could dump some of that money into a rehab of The Dragon.


Ya know, repaint, clean up..... maybe new trains perhaps, maybe, possibly. Or at least ones with NO OTSR!

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After my weekend I`m ready for the last update of our China/Thailand trip.


Part 4: Parks of Bangkok


Part 4.1: Dream World Bangkok


Coming to Bangkok in march/april is quiet hard, because it`s about 100 degrees fahrenheit (38 celsius) and it`s hot, hot, hot.

Dream World is a little bit out of the inner city, but with a taxi easy to reach.

We were amazed about this little park, because we didn`t expect a nice themed park overall.

The park features three coasters, nothing special at all: a swinging coaster by Vekoma, which is really rough as hell, a kiddie Junior Nessie coaster, and an indoor coaster called "space mountain" by Vekoma.


The park also features a medium size raft ride, a smaller splash, a nice walk trough haunted house, a special effects stunt show, some flat-rides and a big area where you can make "pre-fixed" pictures.


So the park is nothing special at all, but you feel like in a real park with some nice walkways, some theming and a lot of flowers and plants.


We enjoyed our day and we really liked Dream World.


this is the little kiddie coaster



the entrance to the raft ride


a little splash get`s you soaking wet



the vekoma swinging coaster was rough as hell!




a nice walk-through haunted house


this was the stage for the animal actors show





it`s one of the only parks in the world where you can walk next to an elephant



this park was really nice, but the only downside were the toilets!


they had about 40 of this pre-fixed photo opportunities!


it was damn hot on this day (100 degrees fahrenheit or 38 celsius)


nice gardens for the romantic ones


entrance plaza theming


Welcome to the nice Dream World, Bangkok

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Part 4: Parks of Bangkok


Part 4.2: Siam Park City


The way we liked Dream World, the other way round we hated Siam Park City.


There`s everything missing here we like at a theme park: good rides, nice theming and good atmosphere.

The parks looks right now more like a construction area than a theme park.

The only coaster in the park is a 26 year old loop the loop coaster, which is in a very bad shape. But hey, they`ve bought two Vekoma coaster from a park in the Brunei, so this problem will be fixed.

something more to offer?

Yes, some ugly kiddie areas under a roof, a real ugly entrance plaza and a real lame dinosaur hall.

But two things are better than the rest:

There`s a newer attraction called Jurassic Adventure, where you tour on a man driven jeep through a dino land - that`s quiet okay.

and the best thing at Siam Park City is the walk through haunted house - why? It`s good themed and it is one of the only houses where you`ll have to find your way in pitch black (not in every room) - that´s really spooky.


Okay, I read that dubaidave liked this park, but I really don`t know why.

So Dave, maybe you can post what I didn`t get in this park???


so I think they should try to speed it up!


this is the second vekoma they bought from the park in Brunei, and they want to open it this year...


another kiddie area


Yeah, the Jurassic time was great blahblahblah I also liked the movie blahblahblah But these are only plastic dinos and I`m really thirsty so please hurry up with your tour!




one of the nicer things was the man driven jeep safari through a dino land


this walkway looked better than in some parks - but hey, we`re in Thailand and the easiest thing to do is to get some great green plants in your park



maybe this ride can help: the new bought Vekoma coaster (right from the Brunei)


one of the children areas



I rode some 400 coasters so far, but this one was in real bad shape



this is the rough loop-the-loop coaster



some 8 months to go - but hey, you can`t prepare early enough



after you`ve entered the entrance through the castle you get greeted in this hall


Welcome to our last theme park on our trip: Siam Park City - what an uninteressting park to end this trip

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Part 4.3 Random Thailand Photos


Okay, to end my long photo trip report I add some photos from our two last stops, the island of KOH SAMUI and PHUKET.


Both destinations are great for a relaxing stop, Koh Samui is more beautiful and more to chill but Phuket offers more activities.


I would like to thank all of you for your comments - I was really happy that some of you liked my trip reports.



Maybe I see some of you again in october, because me and my girl are coming on a big Halloween east coaster tour through the united states with some 22 parks and 150 coaster to see. We`ve planned to visit the areas of Montreal, Lake George, Boston, New Jersey, Philly, Washington, Williamsburg, Pigeon Forge, Atlanta, Charlotte, Tampa and Orlando.


thanks for all your great comments and I hope you liked my reports. And last but not least I hope to see some of you guys on our october halloween east coaster tour!



I`ll end this photo report with some photos from our hotel


what a great way to learn thai cooking


but just relaxing is not our business and so we decided to visit a half day cooking course


after Samui we flew to Phuket, which is not so beautiful like Samui but there`s more to do...




Samui is like heaven on earth


one of the famous attractions on Samui: those two stones are called grandfather and grandmother stones (just look real hard for the grandmother stone - it`s hard to spot because of the shadow:-)


also the pool area was really great


plus an indoor jacuzzi


this suite was not bad with 106 square meter, a private terrace and an outdoor jacuzzi


they were overbooked and so they had to upgrade us to a royal suite...


our hotel welcomed us with a cool coconut drink, but had bad news for us...


terminal 1 and 2 on one picture


the airport of Koh Samui is really small, this is where you get your luggage


After busy Bangkok we flew to the lovely island of Koh Samui, which is one of the greatest beach destinations in the world


If you need a great hotel in Bangkok, you can choose the Bangkok Marriott Resort because it is in the middle of everything but has a cool garden area where you can relax from the city buzz

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Some of your commenst/questions:


I don`t know why robb hated the Ocean park mine train so much, but we really enjoyed the ride on the mine train (okay the view is so awesome that I just ignored the not so thrilling ride itself).


Yes, Pearl Land has a walkway with a lot of copied figures like Mickey, Minnie, Bugs Bunny and other characters from disney or warner.

Really weird!


I`ve been to Nara Dreamland last year and I def. must say that I felt the ghost of Nara at some of the chinese parks


And it`s really sad but true, Hongkong Disneyland can`t compete with any of the other disney parks because it really lacks to much attractions and overall theming.

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Holy crap I've actually been to that Happy Valley park but I only got to go on that yellow Vekoma coaster and the hunted house that scared the crap out of me

And I think that I've been to that Dream World park too but the only rides I remember riding was the vekoma swinging coaster, the hunted house, and the cable cars

And I've also been to Disneyland Hong Kong and Ocean Park but in Disney I really didn't feel like I was in Disney but I never really appreciated Ocean Park until I became a member of this site. Maybe because I've been going there ever since I was little

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