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Woah, when were you in Thailand? I was there from 1st April.

Bet I just missed you.


Hi Dave,


yeah we just missed us


The last two march weeks we`ve been to China and than we came to Bangkok on the 01st of april, stayed three days and moved forward to Koh samui and Phuket for another week.

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Okay here we go again:


Part 2: Parks of the Pearl River Delta


Part 2.1: Chime Long Paradise, Guangzhou


We left Beijing behind and flew directly to Guangzhou, in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, that`s the area around Hongkong. The Pearl River Delta has a population bigger than 70 million people and is the economical heart of China. So no wonder that new theme parks are growing as fast as the big cities.


In the outskirts of Guangzhou there`s this fast growing world of Chime-Long, which wants to get on an equal level like the Walt Disney World Resort - but that`s just a view to the future.


At the moment the Chime Long Resort has 6 parts:

the Chime-Long Paradise theme park, the Xiangjiang Safari Park, the Guangzhou Crocodile Park, the Chime-Long International Circus & 2 themed Hotels (3-star and 5-star). At the moment they`re building a large water park.


We stayed at their 5-star Chime-Long Hotel, next to the themepark entrance, and I can say that this hotel is on the same level as the deluxe WDW resort hotels. The Chime-Long hotel has a safari theming and you can enjoy your breakfast face to face with white tigers.


The Chime-Long Paradise theme park is not that big, but for a new 2006 theme park it is really nice. Signature rides are the Vekoma Booster-Bike (way to short, but nice landscaping) and the 10 inversion roller coaster from Intamin (its a copy from Thorpes Colossus, but I liked this one more). The other coasters are the Intamin Half pipe, a Zamperla Kiddie Coaster and the Golden Horse spinning coaster.

The park also features the most expensive stunt show in the world (says their media kit) - it`s nearly a waterworld copy - a nice Splash battle, shoot-the-chute and rapid ride and some more flat rides and chinese shows.

We really liked the Chime-Long Paradise, it`s not really themed at all but it takes advantage of the great natural surrounding.

When they`ll gonna add some more signature rides in the future, this park will become a must-see stop for every coaster enthusiast.


But that`s not all for the Chime-Long resort - you`ve to visit the Safari park!!! I`m not a big fan of zoos in general, but this park kicks ass.

They`ve over 20.000 animals, 460 species, what makes this zoo the zoo with the biggest animal collection in the world. And most important: the animals have a lot of space!


The Chime-Long group likes to set records. Why?

Besides the record breaking zoo, they`ve over 50 % of the world white tiger population, have over 100.000 crocodiles in their crocodile park (we didn`t see this one) what makes it 70 % of all chinese crocs.

But the main record breaker is the circus show, with the most luxurious stage design, the most star-studded lineup and the most expensive visual effects (I can`t compare it, but hey this circus show was more than equal to cirque du soleil).


So yes, we can highly recommend Chime-Long!


Oh, I forgot this shot!


Chime-Long Resort is great - and don`t forget to visit the Circus (no photos) - this circus is unbelievable




you`ve to do it!


Xiangjiang Safari park is so great


the time has come for the best zoo in the world!


the soaking, soaking splash battle...


a wet battle...


we`re preparing for a battle...


you can have fun on a Vekoma coaster!


the "waterworld" stuntshow (they said it is the most expensive stunt show in the world ?!?!)



but this is the mascot (Andrea said this mascot stinks so much she hardly could stood their for the photo)


the white tiger is Chime Longs symbol



but I liked this version better


this Intamin coaster is a copy of Thorpes colossus


and they have this wonderful coaster called: 10 inversions roller coaster (what a great name)


which is short, but well set in the nature


but, they also have some signature rides, like the Vekoma Booster Bike


and the third is Intamins Half pipe "coaster"


the second is a Zamperla kiddie


they offer five coaster, the first is a Golden Horse spinning coaster



it offers no real theming, but is very clean and well set into the landscape


let me start with the 2006 opened theme park Chime-Long Paradise


enjoy your breakfast face to face with white tigers


I`ll start with the great Chime-Long hotel, with great safari theming (equal to WDW deluxe resorts)



Hey, before I start with the great Chime-Long Resort I`ll bring you two more hamster ball photos - because you liked this one so much!

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Part 2: Parks of the Pearl River Delta


Part 2.1: Pearl Land, Zhuhai


Zhuhai is located next to Macau, and is a city which has grown from some 10.000 people to 1.5 million in nearly 10 years!


The themepark Pearl Land is located somewhere 30 minutes away from the Macau/China border.


Pear Land reminds us a bit of Nara Dreamland (RIP) and as you likely can guess - this park sucks!

It has four coaster: a Senyo Loop & Screw Coaster (very ugly), one of the ugliest mouse coaster I`ve ever seen, a kiddie coaster and a Senyo Jet coaster which is quiet okay.

The parks has absolutely no theming, very old flat rides (for you antique lovers, this is a park for you!) and some creepy walk through houses - that`s it.


We conquered the park in 2 hours (a lot of school kids made our day even worser) and reached the border again to say hello to Macau.


Part 2.2: Fisherman`s Wharf, Macau


Macau is a interesting city to visit: on the one hand it`s very ugly, like a normal chinese city - but on the other hand it was some hundred years under portuguese flag (until 5 years ago) and so this city has a wonderful mediterranean inner city area.

Macau is the Las Vegas for all chinese people, and Macau will beat Las Vegas in the next two years when it comes to profit. No wonder that no other than Steve Wynn opened a Wynn casino and the big players like the Venetian and the MGM Grand will follow in the next months.


We headed to the newly opened area called Fisherman`s Wharf, a well themed, multi-million dollar (120 million US dollar) complex of shopping, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and las but not least a small themepark complex.

There`s a small kiddie outdoor area, but we wanted to visit the Volcano, which houses a real long raft ride and one of the best mine trains, called Dragon`s Quest.

The tracks of both rides are combined in this Volcano and are really well themed and they simple bring some joy to your face.


At the end we can`t recommend Macau at the moment - maybe in two or three years this city will offer more but now it`s not worth to do the one hour trip from Hongkong.


and our way back with the speed ferry to Hongkong


Fisherman`s Wharf from the harbour


this is the small outdoor kiddie area




also the other Volcano ride is really enjoyable


it goes through the volcano


the entrance to the highly themed mine train "Dragon`s Quest"


a mixture between shopping, restaurants and this small Volcano with a raft ride and a mine train


but let`s go to the Macau Fisherman`s Wharf


or should I tell you, that you can walk on this 260 m edge of the macau tower with only a small rope!


time for some sliced meat




Jet Coaster station




some antique rides


the kiddie coaster


the ride operator hang their clothes for drying out of the operator window


but this Jungle mouse have seen some better days


the Jet Coaster was really okay


but the Senyo Corkscew isn`t any better


or some restaurants


you like some more theming....


this is Pearl land theming


the layout looks actually better than the park


Oh sorry, it was Pearl Land


Welcome to Nara Dreamland


crossing the Macau / China border to get to Zhuhai

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I was hoping for a picture of the Giant Frisbee at Happey Valley, the theming with those snakes on it look awsome!



Sorry, it looks really great but on our tour day it was a little bit foggy and so we don`t have any good pictures from this frisbee.


Sorry about that!



PART 2.3 / 2.4: Parks of Shenzhen

Part 3: Parks of Hongkong

Part 4: Parks of Bangkok, Thailand are coming in the next days...

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Thanks for the really cool PTR captain! I have always thought that you do really great PTRs and this one is no different!


Anyway, I sooooo wish to make this trip for myself one day. Definitely looks like an interesting expirenece.


Cant wait to see more!



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well after posting i google around for a bit and i found a site with them on it says you can get 30 mins air inside one then you have to refill it etc... and then you can go again... kinda thing... still cant find somewhere to buy them though


You can't. Zorb won't sell them. I had a friend that waned to buy one and he e-mailed Zorb and they told him they didn't sell them to the public due to insurance regulations I believe.

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if its anything like collossus at thorpe park (which it should be, i mean it is a clone) its a fun ride but quite rough for the first part... the quadruple inline twist is the best bit by far its probably the most fun inversion i have experienced and i've tried most.


it looks much higher off the ground than collosus which is mostly built around ground level, and also its got paths all around and through the ride making it more fun to watch, this one looks better themed though and the cobra roll looks much cooler.

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^^ I think its smoother than collosus (Im guessing that because he said he liked it better)




I can`t say that this coaster is really smooth at all but I think the theming is better and the surroundings are better.


But If you ride it in the front it is really okay.

In the back.... okay, watch out for the theming!

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