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Child Eaten by Crocodile at Chinese Amusement Park

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I hate how the animals end up paying the price for human negligence as the crocodile was shot. This happened recently in my town where a kid at a local park in Richmond got loose from his parents and entered a fenced off area for bears. Of course, the kid was bitten by a bear and the animal was put down.
No I disagree. Regardless of the fact that the human was an idiot an animal that kills no longer should exist. There just is no reason for their existence anymore.


I'm sorry thats rediculous.

A hunter who kills a deer is far more likely to kill another one (it's actively aiming to do that) than an animal who acts out of natural instinct to protect itself and its land. Should we then kill the hunter because he ais a danger to other deer, no of course not, because he's human and we humans can do whatever we want because we have guns :S You can't just go round killing thigs because they have killed things, an eye for an eye and the world will soon be blind after all.


But i agree that the kid was an idiot.

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