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Photos : Walibi World, 21st of April

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Hello Community!


These are my first shown photos on this site...


On the 21st of April, I was with a few friends in Walibi World @ Netherlands.

The weather was great and the park not very full.

We ride a lot, and maybe, I will add 3 Onride-Videos...


Here are 29 Pictures :





Xpress overview


Xpress from El Rio Grande, the river rafting of the park


Woks Waanzin entry


Woks Waanzin Onride-photo


A wet friend of me on the kiddie-coaster


Another wet friend of me on Splash-Battle


Splash Battle


The last wet friend of me after a long round on Splash Battle


Space Shot


Robin Hoods Station + Lifthill


Robin Hood on the lift


Robin Hood


The complete Ferris-Wheel


The Ferris-Wheel and in the Front the Walibi text with flowers


Merlins Magic Castle


La Via Volta in the looping


La Via Volta comes through the station


Our gravestone for this great coaster!


La Via Volta in the cobra-roll


A piece of the cobra-roll, it looks like a sidewinder


Goliath on the Camelback


Goliath on the Lifthill


Goliath on the Lifthill, too!


The Beginning of El Rio Grande


Huiii....a waterfall...


Crazy River


There was Sherwood´s Revenge, now there is build a playground


This is Cris, the greatest OP of the park. We talked a lot.

He is a Coaster-Fan like me, and he is a user of this site.

So Cris, if you read this, send me a PM !!!




I hope you like the pictures!!!

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