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Photo TR: BGE 4-21-07-Abby's first trip to a Park

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Well, We had planned for a while to meet some good friends of ours who have kids the same age as ours at BGE on this day and we got a gorgeous day.


As you can imagine, this was the first nice weekend of the season and the park was PACKED! Tons of Buses and they needed the 1st overflow lot to pack the people in. By Mid-day Alpengeist filled its entire Q and went onto the bridge!


This was Abby's first trip to any park (born on 11-30-06) She loved it, she was so excited the whole day.


Griffon started testing 3 train operation at about 5 for about an hour then stopped at 6. looks like all they have left is paving the observation area and put up fences and such and we are riding.


Here are the pics from the day


Enjoy, JEFF


Hopefully you will be open next time I come


Daddy's Girl loves trains too!



Horray for testing!!!


More fun!




Train rides are always a must!


Log flume had a 45min wait by mid day

Aidan thought it was worth every second



The puddle was the hit of the day!

(It's always the little things)




I don't understand why this protective canopy is required there but not before the splash



CAUTION you MAY get wet on this ride!!!!



Most of the day 1 train was on the lift and the others were in the shed



Splash pool is now Blue!


Almost ready!


I will be riding the sky ride ALOT this year!!


The Buildings look really Nice, MUCH nicer than Apollo's



Yay! for the Sky Ride!!!!


THIS is how you get around at a Theme park. (wish I had that service)


Aidan's first "big" drop ride. He loved the "Log Slide"


Abbey has to eat as well =)


Aidan is very mad that we have to eat before we go in the park

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I would assume that the cover is only in that spot because it is more likely that two trains will cross over each other at that moment, rather than any other place on the ride.


OK It makes sense now.....I thought it was there because of the Sky ride but now that I see it in relation to the 1st drop, it does make more sense now, more of protection from objects off the other train going down the 1st drop.


Thanks for pointing that out



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Awesome pictures! I cannot believe how Griffon really dwarfs everything else in the park. I remember looking down on Loch Ness from the Sky Ride, but not it seems you have to look UP at Griffon!


Maybe they should replace the roofs on the sky ride cars with glass!

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Excellent pictures, Jeff! Good to see the sky ride is up and running again, too. (I'll be checking it out on Friday.) I love how it just cruises right through the center of Griffon.

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Excellent pictures, Jeff! Good to see the sky ride is up and running again, too. (I'll be checking it out on Friday.) I love how it just cruises right through the center of Griffon.


Funny thing is that still nobody rides that leg of the sky ride. The other 2 sides had at least a 30 min wait all day while the "Griffon side" was still about a 1 minute wait. Maybe that will change after Griffon opens.



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Awesome awesome pictures!!! I cant wait till i can get back over there!!! Griffon is looking like it will be high up there on my Top list!!


One question i have is has anyone seen how the floor in the station moves? Is there any video's of it?


I mean i know how a floorless floor(haha) basically works, but thats with a 4 across train!

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Well... I think the shield is only for the Sky Ride. You wouldn't want to be riding if someone dropped an ice cream cone right on your head...


Anyways, Griffon looks really cool. I think the trains kind of look out of place, but oh well. Also the color of the splash pool kind of looks cheesy now, but oh well.


Great TR, I hope to see more soon!

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btw you dont get wet. sheikra has the same water splash and you dont feel a thing. i cant wait till i go on griffon!


I was talking about the skyride, looks like if the timing is right you might get damp (if not more) if you are right behind that Griffon train when it goes plowing through the water.

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