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Dollywood 4-21-07 Mystery Mine Behind the Scenes (PTR)

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For the third time in little over three weeks, I was back at Dollywood. I was there for an event this time around. DAFE was having their Great Smokey Mountain Haunted Mystery Tour this weekend. I was only doing the Dollywood part since I had way to much blasted paperwork to catch up on and it was the Spring Rod Run in Town. I had noticed on the drive in that it looked like every hotel was packed to the seams.


I had zero plans on leaving back through town since I got caught up in this very Rod Run afew years back and it took a mere hour to go one block. I had found a back road way out of Dollywood that missed all that crap. I was not getting in that mess again.


The main reason why I was at this event was it was the first time that the park had let people inside the mine and with cameras to boot. Now do not get that excited by thinking you are going to see alot of the inside of the inner workings of the Mystery Mine. It was agreed that most of the pictures took would be keep under wraps till atleast mid summer to keep the surprise factor for those who have not rode it. Now I will include some pics from the inside, but it will pics that have already been seen in varies forms. Now I will include some from outside that not many have seen. I will drop the inside pics later in the summer, but I know some moron will not wait and have them up in afew days.


Enough babbling and on to the pics:


Parting pic is of new Thunderhead shirt.


Nice unique shot


Trains waiting for the public to board


Wonder how the train transverses this track.


Ground POV


Some twisted inversions


New Port-a-John for Fay


Straight up (Note that a pic like this can be found on Dollywood's Site)


A pic from inside that mine that shows nothing at all, just some stairs to....


View of Mine Cars from below


Train elevator


It all begins here


Small hump before brake run


Riders enjoying themselves in the station


A great sight in the morning is no lines.


But the sun was rising as Mystery Mine was waking up.


Even Buzz was not awake when we got there.


Reason why I was back

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I've been on Mystery Mine and I love it! Can you PM me the pics that you didn't post from in side the mine? Id love to see them because its hard for me to see in the Mine because I took my glasses of to ride!

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whew...Dave you had me thinking I missed the ACE event when I saw the title of this...cool shots and I always admired the outright ungodly twistage of the ending!

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I guess I will be seeing you this coming saturday Jarvis. Not sure when the last time you where up there but some new additions have been added to the mine.


And as for request for me sending a link to see the inside pics, I will not be doing that. You will have to wait till mid to late summer for those pics, but I am sure someone else will post theirs before then.

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You rode the Mine before everything was turned on kraken613. There was alot of areas that where black or just half on till the official opening on the 13th of April. Also I noticed afew new things that where not on for Media Day that was on this past saturday.


Maybe a return visit is in order for you then?

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I have a season pass so now i'm excited to see whats new. Can you name a general area that has been added to? Also are the additions little things or are they thing that are really noticeable and change the experience? i'm planning to go back before the Festival of Nations ends. Now I have something to be really excited about! PM the awnsers if they give to much away to people who haven't ridden the Mystery Mine!

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Great shots, it's awesome to see cars from down under!


Sorry to get off topic, but I'm confused. I was looking over at RCDB, and it says the ride has three inversions. I thought it only had 2. Is there one inside?


And I thought I knew everything about this ride.

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Whoa...Dave...you recall that Pete asked us not to post any pictures??? What are you doing posting the pictures from the tour? He told us that we could take pictures but to please not publish them until the end of the season. Wow.



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FYI: Any pics that where took inside the mine that where not already out there are not to be posted. If you would take the time to look around the net, I am sure you would see that all the pics I have in this PTR are already out there and cleared everyone that I posted for people's enjoyment. So I just reposted what was already out there.

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Sorry...I didn't mean to sound rude...I was just concerned...didn't want DAFE to get in trouble since we promised them we wouldn't publish any photos from the inside portions of the tour. I was not aware that people had already posted photos from down inside the maintenance area, the maintenance lift, inside the tunnel near the drop, and up from the ground inside the headframe looking up at lift 1. Where were those posted? I'd love to see those. I assumed that DAFE was the first group to get the behind-the-scenes tour. What group was first?



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As promised, here is some of the pics I took that have been on my site hidden for the last few months. Some turned out abit unique, but sorta out there. Not the best of pics since alot where shot in the dark and I have not mastered that are of this camera yet.


Hope it was worth the wait.


Sidewinder is right there


Blurry pic of bottom of lift


Lift Elevator


Exit of first lift


First Lift


For the Lift Motor Lovers out there


Bend before first lift. Bit blurry I know but has a cool effect to it.


Seems someone had been here before.


Inside the first oart of mine


The Grinder


Up into station


View from mine into station


Bottom of drop from out of station


Maintenance area


Train Lift


Train Elevator


Underside of Train from maintenance area

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