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Six Flags Magic Mountain Windy Day Ride Closures


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Upon entering the parking lot at SFMM on 04/18/07 I noticed the wind had picked up because of a northern storm. We walked to the ticket stands and saw that X and Metro were the only rides not running that day. Very excited we rushed into the park and on the way up the hill saw a few trains on TATSU go around the track. Once we got to the entrance of TATSU noticed that a big CLOSED sign was posted. WTF!!! We asked the operator of the ride why it was closed and he said it was to windy. OK, next ride. Since we were close to the top we decided to hit Ninja. Up the hill we go... To my suprise another CLOSED sign was posted on Ninja. WTF WTF!!!! Since we are on top of the mountain lets see if Superman is running. To my suprise it was? WTF!! The tallest ride in the park is running with these windy conditions?? I don't get it? Down the hill we go to ride DejaVu. CLOSED! Scream, CLOSED! Viper, CLOSED! Goliath, OPEN! WTF! Could someone please give me some information how to avoid this the next time I go to SFMM. The only reason I am so disappointed is that I took friends who have never been there before and wanted to show that this was a cool park. Please help!

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Well, alot of coasters close in high wind due to the fact that they might not gather enough speed to make it over the next hill. The wind decreases it's speed and it stalls. I don't know about Magic Mountan's coasters though. As far as Superman, it wouldn't matter because it is launched and only goes up a straight spike and comes down backwards. There really is no place for it to stall! Here:




Hope you get the idea!

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Each ride is designed to operate in different weather conditions. Most coasters have restrictions on how many trains a coaster can operate with, in certain types of rain. Some coasters and flats rides are not to be operated when the wind exceeds a certain speed.


Now, some coasters, when operated in high winds, have the tendency to valley out on the ride course.


As a ride operator, we are required to know what type of weather conditions our rides can operate in. The weather is closely monitored by ride supervisors and full-time. If the weather gets bad, they will inform certain rides to discontinue operation.


Keep in mind, the ride manufacturer determines what weather each ride operates in. The park and its ride operators are following the Standard Operating Procedures set forth by the manufacturer.

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