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Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero


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As some of you may know...Nine Inch Nails had just released their new CD today. I'm listening to it right now.


It has a very good/catchy feel to it...


However, they've become a very protesty band.



So far, I love this CD. It's actually really weird.


They've had very viral marketing. On the back of the CD, it says something involving a made up organization (as far as I know) "The US Bureau of Morality". It has a warning on the back of the CD that's made up involving it. It says:



Consuming or spreading this material may be deemed subversive by the Unites States Bureau Of Morality. If you or someone you know has engaged in subversive acts or thoughts, call:






They also had a different phone number where they had another viral recording.


I called the number on the back of the CD, and it gave me a recording...I'll let you guys hear what it is for yourselves, if you're going to call it!


I personally think that NIN did a GREAT job on viral marketing, art, and music, although it IS a bit protestey for me.


Oh well!


Anyway, If you like industrial/rock music, this'd probably be a good choice for you.




Thanks for reading!



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Well...I don't see their music as very protest-y, but all of their marketing, ads, viral sites, etc. seem very protest-y.


Kind of saying something like "The government is trying to keep you from knowing the truth, and brainwashing you." But yeah, I guess you can say that, except for a few things.


Green Day was aiming more towards the media, and people, and NIN is more attacking the government.


Green day wasn't as direct.



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I'm sure I'll end up buying it, but I've never liked a NIN disc as much as Pretty Hate Machine, which I still think is one of the ten greatest albums ever recorded.


And this is not a new theme. Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime had a similar back story twenty years ago. And there have been countless other bands to use the same subject for songs or whole albums.



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I guess there was a top secret 50 person NIN concert last night in Los Angeles. The only way to have known about it was to have been following to Year Zero ARG (the game that all the numbers and websites deal with).

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I got to see NIN in Frankfurt (Germany) this month and it just surreal. Probably more than half the people didn't know what he was saying but they sure were into it.


Anyway, I am a HUGE NIN fan and I have to say that I am pretty disappointed in this album. There are some great songs like "Survivalism" and "The Beginning of the End" but songs like "Capital G" and "The Good Soldier" are so weird. "Capital G" is the worst song NIN has ever made (IMHO).


I applaud Trent for going WAY out there on this one but to me it feels like he pushed too hard to make it unique. In the process the "unique" sound is kind of rehearsed sounding. I have been listening to it quite a bit and I will keep trying it. Perhaps it will wear on me. I didn't really like "With Teeth" at first but I really like it now. Nothing will top "The Downward Spiral" and I am glad that Reznor has not tried to repeat that sound. I like it when bands go in new directions and sometimes loyal fans (like me) have to keep up. As of right now I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5.


BTW, the Thermo-Chrome disc is the coolest CD ever. I wouldn't be surprised to see more of them.

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I never thought the day would come when I wouldn't buy a Halo--I have every one up to Year Zero. But, jeez, I just can't bring myself to buy Year Zero. I listened to a bunch of it online, and it just... bored me? I was so disappointed. Does this mean my NIN fan badge is revoked? I loved PHM, Downward Spiral, and even The Fragile. But With Teeth left me feeling basically like Year Zero has done. When I list my favorite artists now, I usually don't even include NIN anymore (and that saddens me )


NIN is a good live, but I wouldn't say he/they put on *the best* live show. I've seen much better.


Just my $.02

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Finally listened to the whole album.


My take ... It's a good album. It's a NIN album so of course it's better than 95% of the crap out there. Of course it's not as good as PHM or Downward Spiral. When you come out of the gate with 2 of the best albums EVER, it's very hard to duplicate, just ask Rage Against the Machine or Pearl Jam.


But it is a good album, and it's definately worth it. It's also NOT a protest album in any shape of the imagination. It's a "Concept" album. Sure, some of the "Concept" probably stems from the current "Political" situation.

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