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Photo TR:Sydney Easter Show,Carnies Revenge & Chilli's

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Headed to the Sydney Easter Show which is an agricultral show with a massive carnival with tons of rides, it give the cowpokes and the carnies an opportunity to hit the big smoke of Sydney.


I was seeing the Red Hot Chilli Peppers at the arena next door that night, so I thought I may as well go to the easter show, I hadn't been in at least five years.


The carnies don't even have to scam you at the easter show - $55 for 70 ride tokens with most rides being 6 or 7 tokens, ouch!


And finally, the chilli peppers and they rocked!


Har Mar Superstar (far right) supported the Chilli Peppers, it was like an ACEr doing karaoke in his briefs, he got booed off.


Not quite the Vegas Circus Circus.


The 2000 Olympic Stadium, Australia often likes to claim being the biggest and/or best in the southern hemisphere but we had the best olympics ever just ask Juan Antonio.


Elissa's fave, the spinning mouse - this one was very tame; an "Elissa friendly" spinning coaster?


So did this one.


The gyro swing looked gnarly.


Just don't spank the monkey's ok.


The captain obvious award goes to...


This drop tower had a seriously fast drop like 208 km/h (130mp/h).


The Rainbow probably had the best airtime at the carnival.


Taipan, the deadliest snake, the coaster maybe not so.


The sign didn't say no snapping, so if it's ok...


Barely kept it down on this one.


Elvira, tits a lovely day.


They seemed to have two of everything - Ghost trains, ferris wheels and so on.


The carnival was like a Noah's Ark for flats.


It was a bad a$$ zipper.


This was no ordinary zipper...


The king of upchuck rides.


One of the dozens of major league vomit inducers at the carnival.


The techno jump was actually a lot of fun.


Still a credit, but I'm not that big a whore. Acer arena awaits the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's in the background.


Looked behind me and they were already lining up for the mosh pit for the Chillis at 1pm.


I very much doubted their claim.


Gratuitous booby shot to start proceedings.

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It's so funny I have such little knowledge of flats, I don't even know what a lot of them are called. Astroland - it's amazing how far some of these rides have travelled. It was a huge carnival area, there must have been at least 50 rides.

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This might be the funniest TR I've read in a long time.


That Ghoster Coaster, or what have you, with all the horror characters on it was great....still, that badazz zipper was just so BADA$$!!! hahaha!!


Clay "want's to ride a bada$$ SOMETHING" Lamanske

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The 2000 Olympic Stadium, Australia often likes to claim being the biggest and/or best in the southern hemisphere but we had the best olympics ever just ask Juan Antonio.


Perhaps that's because Sydney and Melbourne ('56) are the only two nations to have held the Olympics in the southern hemisphere .

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Vertical Zero: the Chili Peppers didn't do Love Rollercoaster.


The Sound: what I meant was australia often claims to have the best of something in the southern hemisphere but the Sydney Olympics was the best olympics ever, northern or southern hemisphere.

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