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Six Flags New England - Photo Trip Report

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My dad brought my friend (Coastermaniac123) and I to Six Flags New England yesterday on opening day. We arrived at the park around 11:00 AM.




The first ride of the day was Thunderbolt. It had about a five minute wait.


Thunderbolt has not been repainted yet but it will be once it gets warmer. Some of its wood has been replaced though.


The next ride was Scream. It was a walk-on for the entire day.


Scream was running two towers all day in various modes.


After riding Scream twice, we made our way over to the brand new Wiggles World.


This walkway is now blocked by the new Wiggles World stage.


The entrance to Wiggles World.


Wiggles World Stage


The Wiggles Gift Shop


Big Red Cars


Big Red Planes


Yummy Yummy Cafe


Captain Feathersword & Henry's Splish Splash


Captain Feathersword's Rockin Pirate Ship


new stairs from Wiggles World to DC SUPER HERO Adventures


We now headed to the South End.


Splash Water Falls


new restrooms


We rode BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT three times. The loading time was very good.




The refurbished Crime Wave looks great in its new location.


Next we headed to DC SUPER HERO Adventures.


Poison Ivy's Tangled Train is now called Catwoman's Whip.


The new Legion of Doom show is starting on May 26th.


new advertisement sign


We then rode on Superman: Ride of Steel. The wait was about 30 minutes.


first drop


Superman was only running one train. The red train, which can be seen on the transfer track, is waiting for new parts.


one of the new Ben & Jerry's


Before heading over to Crack-Axle Canyon and the North End, we checked out the new Wii Experience in Rockville.


Wii Experience


There were twelve Nintendo Wii's set up.


There was also a Nintendo DS.


The new Cold Stone Creamery in Crack-Axle Canyon.


lots of choices!


In the North End, Ted's Coney Island has replaced Subway.


Chinese theming that I never noticed before.


We rode Pandemonium once using the single riders line. The wait looked to be about twenty minutes long. They have removed Mr. Six from the logo.


They also have removed the spinning Mr. Six's.


Turbo Bungee has been removed.




They have begun to paint Cyclone's exit ramp.


Catapult was running, but had some problems around 5:00 PM.


Before we left the park, we rode Superman one more time.


The other new Ben & Jerry's on Main Street.


Construction on the new Thomas and Friends area coming this summer.


We left the park around 7:00 PM.


Final Ride Count:

Thunderbolt - 1

Scream - 4


Mind Eraser - 1

Superman: Ride of Steel - 2

Flashback - 1

Pandemonium -1

Cyclone - 1

Twister - 1


Thanks for reading!

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Great update of SFNE. This park is always one of the nicest looking in the SF chain. Crime Wave looks *exactly* like the one at SFOG, then again, its Six Flags. But, I give them props on tying in DC Comics to their rides.


Wiggles World looks nice too!

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Those pictures are extremely nice!

I just have to ask. What kind of camera is that?

I use a Canon Digital Rebel XT with a Sigma 17-70 f/2.8-4.5 lens. I shot all of the pictures in manual mode.

is splashwater falls the same model that is at cypress gardens?

Yes, it is the same model.

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Very nice pics.


I wish there was some way I could combine SFOG and SFNE together. Get rid of Ninja, Deja Vu, and GA Cyclone...give me S:ROS, DK, Thunderbolt, and the overall look and feel of SFNE, and I'd have the best Six Flags park around (IMHO).

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