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Starliner Construction at Cypress Gardens

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Thanks for the updates and pics. In spite of our complaining, I do applaud Cypress Gardens for saving a classic wooden coaster when they could have easily and more cheaply put up a Vekoma Boomerang.


Don't give them any ideas!


I'm surprised they haven't already! Thank god they haven't!

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Well the first of the ribbon cuttings has occured. The mayer was on hand and several media affiliats were on hand for the occasion. Unfortunatly an announcement was made that the coaster was not going to open at all today. So it wasnt pretty, there were about 150 or more people in line that were turned away.


But really if you want to see something real cool and read more about how what was a bad day turned into something special and awsome.

Go read here for the whole story and some cool photos.



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I was also there but did not get to ride. Sure I was frustrated, but since I did not pay for parking or admission, I really could not complain nor should I.


A few points for those who need reminding:


When you represent ACE or any other coaster group, your behavior reflects on the entire group. For example: water was provided to everyone waiting in line, but several "coaster enthusiasts" felt the need to take more than one. Not cool or classy. This also applied to the free t-shirts being handed out.


Be aware of what you say at all times. I could not believe some of the stuff that these other coaster people were saying especially when told the ride would not open.


Finally, lose the air of entitlement. Just because we were invited to the park to help them open the coaster does not give us the right to demand special treatment. Anything the park gives you whether it be free admission, parking, or early rides should be accepted with graciousness and appreciation. They could have easily not invited us and saved the headahce of dealing with coaster enthusiasts who act like children.


Sorry to vent, but days like these make me embarrassed to be with other coaster fans.

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Thats one of the reasons I dont wear any type of club shirt or logo. Sometimes others are a little embarrasing. When people ask who I am a say I am a photographer and a coaster tourist.


Somebody asked above what I had to do as an employee.

Well, my job for one hour was to test the coaster. The coaster is waiting a final state sign off. The only people that are able to ride are park emplyees and the makers of the ride. So the only way we could was to be given emplyee status and given an interview and a buck. It was all in a sinse a formality but it covers the park for liable if something happened.

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I completely agree with Pianojahn, it only took one ACE event at SFMM when Tatsu first opened to make me realize I was embarrassed to deal with all the whiners and haters. I never renewed my membership, it sucks because a few weirdos ruin the reputation of these clubs.


Starliner looks awesome in its new paint, thank you for the photos.

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The more I see this coaster, the more I like it. Especially from looking at the videos, I think Cypress Gardens got something good in their hands. I like the white track and the purple cars as well. This is a park I will definately be visiting in the future

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