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Loudoun Castle PTR

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Here's my pictures from Loudoun Castle (pronounced louw den). It actually wasn't pretty boring, it was pretty fun. I went with my cousin and we got on every thrill ride they had, and I think I got at least one picture of each one. Anyway, the pictures (and commentary) will tell the story.


Entrance to park. It started out pretty cold but warmed up very fast.


This picture is taken from where you just get through the castle remains and get to the amusement park section. You can also see one of those little kid driving car rides.


Shot taken from the onlookers area in front of the que. Twist and Shout is a pretty decent ride.


Pretty classic view of a pretty classic ride. Great wild mouse (called Rat), with some great airtime- yes, airtime- inducing hills at the end. A very enjoyable ride.


This was a weird ride. It's a chair swing surrounding a blue- cheeselike moon. My cousin said it was rubbish (now I'm speaking Scotlandish), but I needed to go on it so I can report how it was.


I took the camera on to the Rat, but I'm not very experienced at POV shots and put the camera away after I'd taken a picture at the top, so it wouldn't be jerked away.


I took this picture from the top of the ride. You can see some of the attractions at the end of the park, after you'd walked about a mile to get to it. Also, there's a shot tower being built in the back of the park. Look hard and you will see. By the looks, S&S, but I may be wrong. Work is going at a decent rate, as they got at least 20 feet built onto it when I was there.


Swinging ship. Not very intense, but fun nonetheless.


From on the Cheesemoonlameswing. Quite boring, but on the other hand, no one really bothers to enforce the rules at this park so one gut jumped off his swing near the end of the ride, got a running start, and hopped into the swing a few in front of him. It was quite funny.


Rat and big dead tree. Weeeeee. Also, when we were on the ride, the car in front of my cousin was empty, so it kept swinging back beside of it having less momentum or something and hitting here. She managed to grab on to it and hold it there, but my camera wouldn't switch on in time so I didn't get a picture.


Here is the log flume designed to get you wet, although magically leaving you DRY. Anyways, we were glad because it was still pretty cold.


Swinging ship again. NEXT.


Fun spinning ride, in the enclosed section opposite Twist and Shout. Somewhat like an octopus.


Crazy ass carousel. As you may see, there are no poles for the horses so they have this weird thing under the horses that actually tilts the forward and backward, as well as slightly up and down. Plus, it was revved up to superspeed.


Awesome Enterprise. It's secluded at the back of the enclosed area and is hard to find but is still kiss ass.


One of the few rides that had names, the Black Pearl is a painful yet effective and fun inverter.


Revved up bumper cars or dodgems, however you want to call them. Lots of bruises to be passed around, especially when I got rammed in the front by two cars going at top speed in the same direction. Almost broke my camera.


Black Pearl, mini wheel, crowds, and whatnot. I like small parks where everything is pretty much walkon. I got the longest lines from the Dodgems and Rat.


Must have a through the trees shot somewhere. Wow, Schwartzkopf really liked his circular loops. Hey, I think I spelled Schwartzkopf right without looking!


Must have a picture of the land of boring, Scotland. Ugh, I'm so glad I don't live here. Sorry if I insulted any Scots (who tend to prize their little miserable dump of a country. Hey, at least it's way better than Whales.)


Signature shot. Everybody call their publishers, I got me a picture worth of a book cover.


Rat. Again. NEXT. Again.


Good picture of both rollercoasters. You can see how far apart the two sections are. Also, this shows that someone else has at least a decent interest in rollercoasters.


Bamboozler ride or something. At least that's what it's called at WOF. I like being allowed to get out of your restraints and walk around on the ride before it is finished.


Actual castle. As seen from when we leave. We had only spent something like 4 hours here, but it pooped us out.


Leaving, as seen from arch.


As seen from front.


Cool marble run thing me and my cousin created at my other cousins house. It involves a lot of patience, and a decent physics knowledge.


Notha shot.


Last shot.


End of my PTR. NOW COMMENT!. Just kidding. LOL.

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Was about to praise you for a nice trip report there until I read you bashing my country and countrymen! Well the feeling's more than mutual - hence the reason the Scottish nationalists will win the election here in a few weeks!


Seriously though, I was going to visit Loudoun a few weeks ago but decided not to when I found out that Barnstormer wouldn't be ready. Will probably visit Loudoun in a couple of weeks since I still need to get the mouse and kiddie credits.

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I went there last summer and really enjoyed it, I rode Twist and Shout 13 times when I was there.The park would do great with that S&S tower ride.I also like how it has ruins of a castle at the entrence


The main problem with the park at the moment is that there isnt enought rides to fill the day, we were there for 3 hours at max, however, I hope the Barnstormer will change that.

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I didn't really mean to insult Scotland and Whales, I just needed to exagerate to Americans how, well, different those countries are. If I just said Scotland wasn't that good, they would probably try to back Scotland up by saying "it's probably better, you just had bad circumstances".


Americans: Scotland is almost always the same. I have never encountered any thing drastically different during any of my trips. That's why bad circumstances are impossible. It's always the same.

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Its Wales, not Whales. The two words arent pronounced the same. If your gonna trash it at least spell it correctly. (Yes Im just joking with you).


Scotland is NOT the place to go for themeparks, thats why we all cross the border for coaster thrills. That doesnt mean the whole place is boring though. I always have fun here.

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No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't that. I don't think it was in Ayr, unless that's another name for some Glasgow suburb like Newton Mearns or East Kilbride or something. Also, it wasn't last year. It was a few years ago or something.


I'm surprised by the amount of people that live or have been to Scotland at the forums. These really are huge forums.

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The "Twist and Shout" coaster i think is a clone of the "Scorpion" at BGT. Love that lay out! Was my first looping coaster!

That's true! They are both Schwarzkopf Silverarrows!

They're even the same colour! Most noticable difference is the new Twist and Shout train (before 2007, the train was the same as Scorpion).


Good TR Hobbes! Shame about the xenophobia though.

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