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Magic Eye


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I learned how to do these things a few years ago. They're pretty awesome once you get the hang of it. And for those people out there who can see the images, I have no idea how the heck this one is done:



It's a picture of Saturn lol, I have always been able to do these things, I just kind of cross my eyes and stare at it...

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I think with me it's because my right eye is a bit fuzzy.... if I cover my right eye, I dont notice a massive difference, because it seems I mainly use my left eye, by default.


I dont like the idea that I may not be physically ABLE to do them! :/

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The best I can explain it is that you have to look "through" the picture before you can see the hidden image. Think about looking through a window. You can look at the window itself, or you can through it and look at something outside the window. Since they are at different depths away from you, you have to focus your eyes differently.


So when you look at a Magic Eye picture, you don't look at the paper it's printed on. You have to look through it, as though it is transparent. If you focus your eyes as though you are looking at something far away, you will eventually see the image. You might even try looking at something off in the distance, then moving the Magic Eye image in front of your eyes to block what you were looking at. But don't refocus your eyes onto the surface of the paper you're holding. If you're able to move your eyes around while keeping them focussed on the distance behind the image, you should see it.


I can see Magic Eye Images almost immediately, and even have two big ones hanging in my living room to stump my visitors

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