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Apple sells their 100 millionth iPod

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^That was the whole reason I got mine. I have a green 6GB iPod mini. I got it for my birthday right before they were discontinued and replaced by the nano. I hope to get a white 80GB video iPod soon since my mini is filling up and to use to back up my computer on to.

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I've never had an iPod. I still have my old Nomad Zen 2.0 (circa 2002), upgraded to a 60gb hard drive. I haven't figured out what all the hype is about


Usually, the people that don't understand what the hype is all about for a certain product are the ones that have never owned or tested one. There's the correlation.

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I own two iPods, both have been replaced under warranty once:

- 4th Generation 40 GB, monochrome screen. November 25?, 2004.

- 1st Gen nano, black, 4GB. Dec 26, 2005


I'm waiting for the iPhone to come out and/or the first stand-alone widescreen iPod before I "replace" one of them.

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