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The Perfect Heartline

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Not that I'm trying to justify or defend pumping, but if it's such a big Sin in NL, then why do the NL samples have a BUTT LOAD of it? Ride the back car of thriller or lochness monster and you'll see what I'm talking about.


Most of those tracks are extremely old. The standards of tracks has been raised, and people now expect coasters to look and feel like real, life coasters. Just download old tracks, that had high marks. The building technique is horrible.

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Well for one thing, you aren't using nearly enough segments. You should always try to have control of the shape and such, rather than letting the track shape itself (for lack of better wording). Try and use a segment every 45*.


Also, try building your track around perfect circles and straights (the cheese.3ds object that comes with NL is good for the circles, straights just try using supports). This well help weed out awkward lateral shifts and inconsistent radii from poor shaping. Remember to use leads, don't "just" turn.


Lastly, probably the most "surprising" feature of the editor is the ride on 3D view with show heartline enabled. This is a pretty easy way to see all the jerks in your track, just by rolling over them, and makes it easy to go back and edit while on the track (giving you an eyeball view of a smooth fluid turn). It's also helpful when making offgrid straight track, as you can keep it straight just by making sure the heartline stays straight.


Just to clarify, your "looks smooth in all dimensions" is kind of false. As soon as I opened the editor, I could tell none of the turns were circular. And a heads up, your station, lift, MCBR, and final brakes are not straight.

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What version are you using may I ask? If you're using 1.6, there is a built-in smoother by hitting CTRL-G...which I tried on your track and did a huge improvement, but didn't fully eliminate the pumps as you had your nodes too spaced apart. Don't rush at the track, keep the nodes closer and you'll have better control when it comes to depumping it without causing a kink in another area down the road.

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I'm in the process of getting 1.6 but I'm stuck with the last one right now so I don't have the smoother. But thank you for your help. But one thing II would like people to know is that I did not rush the building of any of my tracks, they just aren't built very well because I don't know how to make them really good. But what you said helps, and Ill keep that in mind.

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