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Watch a SFMM video!

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Here's a SFMM video with video of our very own Elissa. In the video, you will see...


- The dirt fountain

- The Parking Lot Ride

- Geese

- A rough ride on Psyclone (what else is new? )

- Deja Vu running (don't faint!)

- Elissa admitting that SFMM was "awesome"


During the day, we saw some dude drinking lemonade on the log flume ride! Sadly, I didn't get video of that.


If you are sensitive to obscene words, the video uses a song by Prodigy. It uses the b-word a lot. You know, the word that means a female dog. I don't think the song would sound as good if it was "Smack My Female Dog Up." PETA would be angry for sure! Everyone else who is not sensitive, turn it up!


The video quality isn't great, so no complaining! I hope you can download the video OK.



Six Flags Magic Mountain.wmv

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Can you try to upload it again to the site. I just made a change to the extensions control. I really need to figure out what is causing this problem. Images seem to work fine, No Limits tracks seem to work fine, but zip and movie files don't.


I dont' get it.


Can you also email me the file to robbalvey@aol.com so I can do some more tests.





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^^Actually, I don't think some of the more recent NL tracks uploaded here seem to work right. Take a look here. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1341

This one's a raw NL track. No track packager, no zip. Somewhere it's corrupting those too. The only thing that seems not to be corrupted are uploaded pictures. Hopefully the problem's ironed out as I'll have some tracks coming soon (If I don't get lazy ofcourse!)

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OK, I'm going to speak with Yahoo about this problem.


It's ridiculous. They tried to tell me it was the version of WinZip we were all using. That's total B.S.


As of right now, I was actually getting better customer service from Lypha.

I am NOT a happy Yahoo customer, and if they can't fix this, I'm going to have to change hosts yet again!!!


--Robb "And I will make it known with as loud of voice as I can to NOT EVER use Yahoo as a webhost!!!" Alvey

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Ok, I think I might have just found a 'work-around' to the problem. See if you can watch the video, see if this .zip file I've attached downloads ok, and can someone check and see if NL files are working again?




--Robb "Now I want Yahoo to fix this problem for good!!!" Alvey


A thumbnail photo to test and see if .zip downloads are working.

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Eh, to me "Smack my B**** up" is one of the most over-used techno songs of all time. If I hear it used in ONE more theatrical preview or movie, I will physically harm somebody.


Otherwise, great video. I've never been to SFMM, but it looks like it has plenty of nice coasters to choose from.

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Oh crap, are their really ticks at Williams Grove?! I am going there this summer so I'll remember to watch out.


There are at PKI, got one on me in 2002 .. PKI medical staff was good tho, they gave me free tickets as well.


Good video .. I enjoyed that.

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