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TPR Meet at SFA - Six Flags America!

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When I first found out about this, I thought I would have to pass it up since its on relatively short notice, and it would probably be a sour note to play for my mother; who I just had to put through my telling her about my dad getting me a new car (if that made any sense (look for a photo TR about the car later)). But she snooped around on my computer and found out about this, so she is saying that I could maybe go...


Usually with her maybe's turn to yesses, so I think I might be able to make it out.


What does that make now, 43 people going? What a crowd!

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At least I won't be the only one going alone. Should be a fun time! By the way does any one know the exact adress so I can mapquest it not they highway adress. Thanks!

Here is the exact address and Google Map:


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Thanks for the information Robb! 3 and a half hours not too bad I will just leave real early. See you guys there! One more question Rob. It says by a day get a year free does that mean I could by a season pass and use it at my home six flags park(great adventure) as well? If so this is great news I will by the season pass online tonight and print it out so I can get it activated at the park on Saturday.

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Just to inform everyone that is coming to the Six Flags America meet. You will not be able to bring book bags, purses or any personal items with you in the que lines for both "The Wild One" & "Superman : Ride of Steel". The park has installed lockers for both of these coasters that you must use if you have bags. Its either use the lockers or leave your stuff with a non-rider. Lockers are a on a one-time use basis. The cost is $2.00 for a small locker and $3.00 for a larger locker. Remember these are the only 2 coasters in the park doing this. You can bring your bags in the que lines of every other ride in the park.




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^Yeah, that really is excessive, especially since they're requiring people to stash their bags. That being said, I understand why they're sick of people slowing down loading because they have to cross over and leave their bags by the exit.


BGE is doing this, too, but like BGA, the lockers are much cheaper (and they'll let you take a small fanny pack).

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Kyle: You can use it at any other six flags park, but not the seperate waterparks or the recently sold parks. I just renewed my play pass, and it is good for what I said above.


I am definatly ready for Saturday! can't wait to see what a coaster day with the TPR crew is like. Anyone know if Joker's Jinx has run yet this year? it is the only coaster I have yet to ride at SFA.

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Wahoo!!! I have been a member here for a few years but don't really post. This will be my first trip to meet all of you. I have been one of the staff writers for In The Loop since August of last year, and have been dying to meet alot of you. See you saturday.

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Anyone know if Joker's Jinx has run yet this year? it is the only coaster I have yet to ride at SFA.


It has, but last weekend they discovered a problem with one of the bogies on the purple train resulting in them needing to remove the entire train from the track. As the yellow train isn't back from off season yet, it left the ride trainless last weekend. They've had the whole week off to work on it, so I'm guessing it will have at least one train back by this weekend.

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I want to say thanks to everyone who showed up! I think overall we met about 35 to 40 TPR members throughout the day. I'm sorry if I don't remember everyone's name, I'm horrible with that! Forgive me!


Here's a couple of pics from today, I'll have a full update later.




Oh, yeah...and we rode some coasters too! Overall, it was a GREAT day!


"It's cool, it's cool Foghorn...please don't hurt us!"


James & Rich get all emo with Granny.


TPR members are not normal people.

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