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Walibi World!! (Sixflags Holland 2000-2004)

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What do you think about this park in the Polder of Holland?


I like the park very much, I had an Euro Season Pass for all the 5 seasons, about 20 times in a year I went to the park. I worked in 2001, at the attractions.


The new season 2005, a new name Walibi World, and 3 new attractions. Splash Battle is the most important.


Goliath, Robin Hood and El Condor, I like them, and you?

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Goliath and Robin Hood were two of my favorite coasters from our 2002 Europe trip. How has Robin Hood held up over the years? Has it stayed fairly smooth? I know when we rode it there were a few rough spots, but overall a VERY good ride.



But I still think this was my favorite attraction at SFH:





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It's really hard to explain...we're planning on taking many pictures this time around!


They were kind of "backwards" as in the 'hole' was up front and the bowl was in the back...so if you took a dump, it was kind of 'on display' instead of down in the hole!


Sorry if that was too graphic, but it's the Netherlands!


Elissa "Who needs Goliath when you have backwards toilets?" Alvey

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I know what you mean I have seen those types of toilets around europe its a common type. Are but at least you have not had the privilege of going in a local toilet in Portugal. This is hard to describe but – imagine the bit you stand-in in a shower but with a bigger hole (shall I leave the rest to your imagination as to how you go – theres no sitting involved in going for a dump !). Some of the older european trains have toilets with not water in it, just a hole at the bottom of the pan start out of the train – it get a bit drifty when going !


Nick “right that’s enough of that I think” Collins

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I loved this park and will be going back next year for a couple of days.


Goliath is my fav Junior Hyper Coaster, love the "airtime" wish there were 5 humps at the end and not 3, but I can't complain much as it provides an amazing ride.


Not much fun in the rain, feels like your face is in a hailstorm.

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visited Walibi World three weeks ago for my second time but I`ve to say that I don`t like it too much.

Goliath rules, Robin Hood is really nice and the new Splash Battle is very wet but

the park has absolutely no theming, no charme.

The other coasters are just average, the rapid and the flume are really boring.

The only good change is that the Walibi characters are really nice.

Stuff is sometimes nice, but more likely unfriendly.

And most of all like the other Star Parks: the park is not clean.


Sorry to say that Walibi World is just a average park in europe.

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Well, there's a lack of theming but wait a second. Isn't it an amusement park just like Cedar Point? I guess so. It is all about thrills, not theming. It is not a typical theme park. I prefer amusement parks over theme parks because they spend more money on thrills rather than theming which is nice indeed but also very expensive.


Walibi World needs 2 coasters. A floorless B&M and an Intamin tera coaster to be the best park in Europe. I belive it won't happen though.

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Hi Mark,


yes you`re right. Walibi World is just an amusement park or thrill park for the younger ones and not a theme park. But for "just" an amusement park there`s not enough thrill to be on top. Some parks of the six flags chain or even cedar point are more an amusement park - but they`ve what I`ll miss at Walibi: more thrill or/and unique coasters. But I`ll think Walibi World (better the Starparks Group) don`t know exactly which way they`ll want to go in the future. More theming or more unique thrill attractions.

If it`s up to me I like both: Good charming themes and of course thrilling coasters.

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I hope WW will add more decent coasters. Since there's a SLC I wouldn't expect a B&M invert, neither a wooden coaster, nor a B&M hyper coaster. That's why I think a floorless would be a better addition. As for thrill rides the park needs something like Slammer or Rush at TP.

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