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PS3 Killzone video - your thoughts Robb


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Well, I saw the Killzone 2 video on G4TV's E3 show last night. Since it was obviously similar to the Call of Duty games, I'm sure you've seen it too, Robb.


Don't know if you can answer this or not, but do you think that was really in-game action? They said on the show Sony said it was. I find that pretty much impossible to believe. If that WAS in-game video, then I'm camping out at Toys R Us this weekend to start waiting for the PS3 release. I mean, that was unbelievable footage. Even for CGI in general it was kick ass. For in-game it was mind-blowing.


Hell, the London city footage was unbelievable too. I can't see the PS3 being less than $800, really.


Just curious if you've worked any with a PS3 development kit, and if you are allowed to share your opinion.


Of course, you're probably busy playing games at E3 all day today. Lucky bastard.



Rastus O'Ginga

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Yeah, just so you know Robb won't be home today till late...he's down in craptacular LA at the show!


I told him to bring the camera so hopefully if he has time we'll have some pictures!


Elissa "happily not attending E3 this year!" Alvey

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I watched a little E3 today, they noted that it was NOT actual game play, but a demo running on a PC. And of course, Micro$oft touted the fact that sony's demo wasn't reality yet. I'm not much of a gamer, but I want a Nintendog!

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I haven't had a chance to see much on PS3 yet, so I can't comment. But I will say that what I've seen of Call of Duty on XBOX 360 at our booth looks like a MOVIE! It doesn't even look like a video game!


I wish I could be playing games at E3, but I get the job of doing interviews all day. But hey, it comes with the gig!


So I can totally believe that Killzone 2 would look that good also!



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If Killzone 2 "ingame" looks as good as the E3 video, it will be a Halo 360 killer.


Sony is famous for overhyping the graphic capabilities of their system. Their hype machine crushed Dreamcast, which was actually a more powerful system.


Killzone2 definetly looks really good. Just take anything Sony says with a grain of salt.

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goleafsgo - I'll quote some lines of the review in "Edge" magazine regarding PS3 "Resistance: Fall of Man


"Can the biggest game in history really be this shallow".


" In it's currant form, it could be the last thing Sony needs, a predictable slog, with PS2 written all over it".


" Resistance at times feels like a theme park adventure, full of rigid props and smoke machines".


" Unskippable text-heavy cutscenes fail to make their point.


"This is 22GB poster child of Blue-ray, yet it's hard to appreciate the detail".


Their final word sentence is " We are crossing our fingers with a heavy heart, waiting for proof of how little we actually know".

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Hmm, interesting...





Quote from IGNs preview of the game:


"From the incredible draw distance and architectural touches to the incidental, yet hugely immersive, effects like realistic smoke, destructible scenery and relentless explosions shifting huge chunks of debris around the screen, Insomniac's world is wholly believable and involving from the off."



Final line:


"it's unlikely Resistance is going to remembered for any advances in genre innovation but, nevertheless, its everything you'd expect from an Insomniac game - a beautifully presented, solid and satisfying entertainment experiences. What more could you possibly want from a launch title?"




That doesnt make it sound so shallow... and im gnna believe IGN until i play the game, since they are the biggest (or one of the biggest), gaming website(s) in the world.



linky: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/742/742522p1.html

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The Magazines and Websites can say anything they want about Video games; the real decider is the person who buys the games.


If you bought "Jaws Unleashed" and love it, that's fine, the IGN or Gamespot review of 4/10 does not matter.


I'm sure "Resistance" for PS3 will be an amazing piece of software.

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The Magazines and Websites can say anything they want about Video games; the real decider is the person who buys the games.


They can say anything, but magazines don't always do that. They sometimes have to say nice things so that companies don't get mad at them.


Look at Driv3r. They were accused of buying off magazines after the game was praised during development. Then it came out and turned out to be a giant pile of crap.

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