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Holiday Park Discussion Thread

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An update from Holiday Park, which announced it will open June 10.


New this season is a brand new theme for its rapid river. New queue, scenery, plants, rockwork. And dinosaurs, lots of dinosaurs.



















Construction also well under way on the park's new Wickieland area, which was announced for 2021.










photos: Holiday Park

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^^^ On the Wickieland art concept map, I'm curious what that other circular thing is, at the right end of the Disko, there? It looks like a shield of some kind. If it is, will the ride vehicle go under it? By the way, I love how parks are now theming their Diskos up, more than just leaving the framework and track visible.


(I bet they're stealing an idea from Movie Park Germany, or the now closed

Space World in Japan, and putting a flying saucer up there, LOL! Kid-ding.)

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Not gonna lie, I had forgotten the park even had a rapids ride. I'm really digging the look of Wickieland, especially the entrance through the Disk-O. One day I hope this park adds another world-class coaster, though. GeForce is so out of place compared to the rest of the park, haha.

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In our local print newspapers a new big coaster was rumored all over the first decade of this century. But since a few years the rumors died down. Honestly, we're happy that the park didn't die during corona. Now some additions smaller than a new coaster are made over the next years.

I suppose once the hotel is finished and working, they'll do something bigger. If it's a coaster and if it's world-class - we'll see.

My two cents: First try to run GeForce with two trains, without stacking so you don't need to wait 30 minutes for 10 trains to be sent, then think bigger. First do you homework, then go out and play.

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Hey all,

The bf and I are going to Europe in September and we're attempting to purchase tickets and make reservations for Holiday Park, but we're running into an odd issue, two odd issues really. The date we're attempting to reserve is open on their calendar but the website comes up blank when picking that date for a ticket purchase. Even more odd, if I try picking a random date on the calendar that does have tickets coming up as available, when I pick a date and then add a ticket to the cart, the "continue" button does nothing. Clicking the shopping cart button does nothing, too.

I've tried using my phone, another browser, using my bf's Windows computer (I'm on a Mac myself), using my VPN to change my apparent location to Germany, clearing cookies, and even changing the language to German and going through the same motions.

Of course, I contacted the park a few days ago and they replied with a very friendly message saying they had a system backup issue the day before, that the date we want is available, and that it should be working...but it isn't. 

Just figured I'd ask if anyone in the area has gone or if anyone has visited and had the same or a similar issue. There has to be some way people are buying tickets since the park is open right now and I'm sure they'd notice if nobody was there...lol. We're a little wary of waiting too long so we'd like to get advance tickets as soon as possible because we could really use some GeForce in our lives!

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Their webpage had some real issues the last weeks. 

Even if I really don't like it, it was fine with Microsoft Edge.

If wou would tell me the date, I'd be happy to check it anyways.

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13 hours ago, xVicesAndVirtues said:

^sure, we’re trying to book 9/26! Let me know if it works for you and I’ll happily download MS Edge

I can choose 9/26 without any problem with Chrome and Edge right now.

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^Sorry for the late reply and thank you for checking! I can choose the date 9/26 on the calendar too, but then when I go to the next step (where it should let you pick a ticket category), I get a blank page with no ticket options to choose. Are you seeing the same?

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Yes, I do..


This is Chrome. But the same goes for Edge and Firefox. I suppose, the problem in on your end. :(

Please try and contact customer service again. Perhaps per phone? They should have someone speaking proper English since we're close to Ramstein AFB.

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I really don't know.. But I don't know why they should do that. I really hope it works out for you. GeForce is a dream at the moment and the new land is worth it.

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