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We'll be at the park on Friday! If anyone else will be there, give us a hint. If not, prepare for some autumn shots of GeForce!

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I was thinking the same about Blackpool's. I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a double-ended version of the ride as I'm sure the planes would just hang upright while the other end is loaded. It looks like such a fun ride though.

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Does Holiday Park get very busy? Sky Fly is a great ride but 12 riders per circle seems pretty low for such a great park.

Having not been there I think I've heard it doesn't get too busy.

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I kind of really liked the open station and atmosphere around the ride.

Not the ope during hot summer days, nor cold rainy days.


That's a good thing they finally covered the station, even if it's pretty basic, at least it's nice and shiny.

Next step would be giving our beloved GeForce a decent maintenance bay...

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I do like the fact that they added a roof, but I think Geforce deserves a real proper station and some extensive theming.


I don't think the ride needs extensive theming at all! The ride is already a whole load of world class awesome and I really don't think theming would add anything to the ride really.

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Guys can anyone update me regarding the second train at Expedition Geforce?

The past years they (never?) used 2 trains at the same time, is this fixed now or do they still only use 1 of the trains, even on busy summer days?

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