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Holiday Park Discussion Thread

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  • 2 weeks later...

One of the directors of Plopsa told to the german newspaper Rehinpfalz that there won't we any major changes in Holidaypark next year. 2011 will be an evaluation year.

As from 2012 the park will be transformed. Their goal is to have 1.5 millions per year at Holidaypark. Holidaypark will also become the german Plopsa HQ. There are going to buy/open another 3 german parks in the coming years



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  • 4 months later...

News: The freefalltower (230feet) changed his name to "Anubis Free Fall Tower"..

Also the preshow and theming is changed to the german kids-tv series "The House Anubis"..


Also some other changes in the park:


Translated with google:

• "Meet & Greet" with Maja, Tabaluga and Vicky: great fun not only for little visitors!

• a new, post Tabaluga dragon themed ride (opening to the summer)

• "Flip the Grasshopper": family fun on the back of clever grasshopper from the TV series "Bee Movie" (opening to the summer)

• "dancing fountains" interactive water fun at the new central meeting place for visitors to the "Square of Nations"

• "Maya's Flower Tower": the free-fall adventure for kids (opening to the summer)

• "Holly's Driving School: Learning to drive like the big ones!

• a funny frog carousel for the whole family! (Opening to the summer)

• "Summer Nights": the summer event with stars from "the house of Anubis" and the grand finale of fireworks

• water-stunt show, "Jim Pond" experience new adventures on the Holiday Park lake

• Amazonia: Top-Show entertainment and a colorful trip to South America

• "Anubis Free Fall Tower": Experience the 70-meter-high thrill-machine re-addressed after the TV hit series "Anubis"


In german..

•"Meet & Greet" mit Maja, Tabaluga und Wickie: ein Riesenspaß nicht nur für kleine Besucher!

•einer neuen, nach Drache Tabaluga thematisierten Fahrattraktion (Eröffnung bis zum Sommer)

•"Flip der Grashopper": Familien-Fahrspaß auf dem Rücken des cleveren Grashüpfers aus der TV-Serie „Biene Maja“ (Eröffnung bis zum Sommer)

•"Tanzende Fontänen": interaktiver Wasserspaß am neuen zentralen Besuchertreffpunkt „Platz der Nationen“

•"Majas Blumenturm": das Freifall-Abenteuer für Kids (Eröffnung bis zum Sommer)

•"Holly’s Fahrschule": Fahren lernen wie die Großen!

•ein lustiges Frosch-Karussell für die ganze Familie! (Eröffnung bis zum Sommer)

•"Summernights": das Sommer-Event mit den Stars aus „das Haus Anubis“ und großem Abschlussfeuerwerk

•Wasser-Stunt-Show: "Jim Pond" erlebt neue Abenteuer auf dem Holiday Park-See

•"Amazonia": Top-Showunterhaltung und eine farbenfrohe Reise nach Südamerika

•"Anubis Free Fall Tower": Erleben Sie die 70 Meter hohe Nervenkitzel-Maschine neu thematisiert nach der TV-Erfolgsserie „Das Haus Anubis“


Source: Holidaypark Link

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  • 6 months later...
Holiday Park News : 2012 will see a redesigned entrance, and a new themed area, "Majaland" with 12 attractions.


Hallo zusammen! Hier also einige News zu 2012: Unter anderem können sich die Gäste auf einen neu gestalteten Eingangsbereich und den neuen Themenbereich "Majaland" mit zwölf Attraktionen freuen. Natürlich werden wir Euch auf Facebook weiter auf dem Laufenden halten!


It was only a matter of time... I wonder if Maja's Biene-flug* (AKA 'Expedition GeForce') will be part of it?




*I should note that Maja's Biene-flug is not an official rebrand... yet (!!) and is purely in my imagination! Paint black stripes across the already yellow trains, attach flower themeing either side of the airtime hills, invent a back-story about how you have to travel with Maja to fly and collect pollen...

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  • 5 months later...

many changes were done at the park! plopsa builded many new little family- and kids-rides,shows, a new entrance,mainstreet and overall many theming elements and buildings! At the moment the park is opened but they are building and working on every corner, so it`s more a soft-opening and many of the small rides seems to be not finally themed and placed. But the home of EGF gets nicer and nicer, so here is little update on the park with random pics of the last few weeks from http://www.holly-info.de/newsblog:

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  • 2 weeks later...

^Sure she will, Elissa, as much as I'm sure she'd love Plopsaland De Panne (Belgium) where the whole indoor part is themed after Maya the Bee, and I must say it's a real success. You MUST visit this park one day on a European trip...

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  • 1 month later...

Another update...




"Maya's Flower Splash" (Zierer Flying Fish)







It wouldn't be a Plopsa-park without some rides getting a catchy theme song:





"Crazy Tree" (Zierer Kontiki)






A giant bucket for kids to play around:




New food stall:




The park's new entrance, main street and central plaza:







Lots of signs going up:















Photos by HolidayPark & Holly-Info.

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  • 3 months later...
  • 3 weeks later...

In addition to the new Majaland restaurant, the park will improve lots of little things throughout the park...


  • • a new path alongside the rapid river, with better visibility of the ride
    • upgrades for Tabalugas Abenteuer, more scenery and a new station
    • the Expedition GeForce area will get a makeover, with gravel paths getting replaced by paved paths
    • lots of old buildings will be demolished, including the Aquascope theater building and an old arcade



For 2014, a really big coaster is planned.



sources: fan meeting / http://www.plopsafansite.be / http://www.pretparkkriebels.be / http://www.holly-info.de






Give it 5 years and Holiday park will be a million times better than it was pre-buyout.


Only 1 million?

By 2016, Plopsa will have invested €51.7 million in the park.



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  • 3 months later...

^ Exactly. There is Belantis but it's more in the north I think Plopsa will handle it.

Holiday Park's new restaurant will open this season and in 2014 there will be a new attraction for adults ( as to now it will be a roller coaster)

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I'm really curious of what coaster they might chose to put in for 2014. From my visit it seems like it would be a really good idea for the park to go with something similar to what Djurs Sommerland is building for next year.


Plopsa bought the 'Spreepark' in Berlin as well. So, Plopsa is going to invest a lot of money in Germany.

Let's hope they will be allowed to build a car park then!


There is Belantis but it's more in the north


But that place is just bad. Like really bad.

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^^ it probably will be a gerstlauer launched coaster like the new one in Tripsdrill. But that's only a rumor!

Plopsa hasn't announced a lot first of all they will open their new restaurant in majaland.


^ when will you come to Holiday Park? Since it's my home park we could meet if you wanted

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

The Plopsa CEO has now said that they have agreed on a ride for 2014.


The new attraction will be unique in Europe and is more often found in America!


Any suggestions (assuming that it will be a coaster, as strongly rumored)?

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The Plopsa CEO has now said that they have agreed on a ride for 2014.


The new attraction will be unique in Europe and is more often found in America!


Any suggestions (assuming that it will be a coaster, as strongly rumored)?


Hmm, Really don't know. Where did you get your information by the way?


A few days ago, Plopsa told the press they where interested in buying the, currently 'for sale', Air Force Two of the president of the United States. The plane is for sale since it can't be used for flying anymore. Plopsa referred that they want to buy the plane and set it up in Holiday Park to honor all the US guests and the US military who has a European base not far away from the park. It will be a part of theming in the park for a ride, which ride we don't know. I think it's just a promotional stunt of the group and maybe it's a referring to the new ride of 2014. Something to do with flying and airplanes... A flying coaster maybe? From B&M ore Vekoma? (not so many in Europe like in the US)... I don't know. What do you guys think?

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