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[TR]Drievliet (Den Haag, Netherlands)

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About a year ago, a small park named Drievliet presented their new Rollercoaster for the 2007 season. It would be a Launched X-Car Coaster by Maurer-Söhne, featuring 2 inversions.


I've been to Drievliet many times, and I never thought that Drievliet would ever have an inversion Rollercoaster, when Rcdb spread the news I was thrilled (without even riding it )


In December 2006 a local newspaper published a story about the new coaster. Drievliet was searching test-riders for the Formule X, so I signed in. Last week I got a message from the park that I could come and test the thing.


So, after a boring day of school, I went to Drievliet last wednesday: trying out the new coaster.

Formule X is a nice coaster, better than any ride in Drievliet (that's not difficult, the park is really small!). It starts off with a small turn, and than the car accelerates to 70 km/h (about 40 mph), into a dive-loop, overbanked turn, bunny hop, heartline roll, another overbanked turn (better than the first one) and the brakes.

It's a small coaster for a small park, but a good one!


Some more info:

http://rcdb.com/id3602.htm Rcdb about Formule X

http://themepark.nl/ubb/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=302952&page=1&fpart=14 Much photo's of the testing day! (Just scroll the whole topic!)


So that's it I guess!

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