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Local Fireman Caught in Bikini and Wig!

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Ok, so...we don't get much excitement here in suburbia, so imagine all the hype when a local fireman was caught in a Mason park on Monday afternoon dressed in a bikini, flip-flops, belly button ring and a blond wig!

Oh, and he was drunk...really drunk. Told the cops he was on his way to a gay bar to compete in a contest offering a $10,000 prize. By the looks of him, I don't think he would have won, do you? Turns out the guy has been married for 25 years and supposedly this is the first his wife has known of his cross dressing! Hmmm.


To read the whole story, check out the Cincinnati Enquirer at www.cincinnati.com




Do you want this man saving your life??

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Hahaha, I saw this story on the AOL welcome screen and laughed at it then! That is hilarious!! I bet he feels great having his picture plastered all over TV and the internet... heck our local news station even ran a small segment on it!

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(in your best bud lite voice)

Here's to you, Mr. Bikini Wearin', fire fighter transvestite.

You use you hose, while you're wearing hose,


...OW, such fluid pressure!


You rescue the ladies, in your pink cotton undies!


Ow, just no T-backs!


So here's to you, mr bikini wearin', fire fightin' transvestite!

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^^ Triple LOVED your Bud Lite parody (I love those commericials anyway!!). I am just fascinated with this story. I think partly because it happened in my community, but also because his wife of 25 (!!!) years says she didn't know he liked to cross dress? WTF? I am sorry, but I think if my husband had a bag of bikinis and go-go boots in his car (shuddering at that whole mental picture) I would catch a clue.



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