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Photo TR: 4/2/07 SF: GADV Opening Day

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Hey everyone this was copied from Gadv Source Forums because I didn't feel like typing anymore.


So today was they day everyone was waiting for....Opening Day. Well I don't know where to begin so I guess last night....


So I was hanging out not expecting to got to Gadv in the morning but I was surprised by my step dad yesterday. So I was feeling ok about it but then I was super pumped. First I had to tell CoasterCrAzY (Justin) and Dainan that I was officially going. I called them up and told them I was going in the morning but I stayed on the phone with Justin for awhile and we talked about many coaster things. Justin was also watching Happy Feet at the time so he was also adding excerpts from the movie into the conversation. After he finished watching Happy Feet, Justin went to bed and I stayed up to watch Scary Movie 3. I just love how they take random horror movies and make them into a hilarious comedy. But I knew I had to get to sleep so I set my sleep timer on my TV for 30 minutes. As I dozed off, I felt like I was at the gates waiting to go in......

Anyway, I awoke around 6:45 (yeah bad timing) but I was not tired. I was a little cranky but nothing more. I walked downstairs to my family room was and I just relaxed. My step dad and mom were already awake ready for the day. I grabbed a bowl and some Honey Nut Cheerios. I sat down and watched the news for a bit. The weather stated that it was going to be in the 70's today but after going outside it was freezing with a ton of fog. So I told myself that I had to grab a sweatshirt. After that delemia, I went on my computer to see who was going today. I only saw a few but who cared I was going to Gadv! So now it is around 9:00 and I call up Justin to see how his situation was. He was doing fine but his dog stole one of his old toys from when he was a baby. Don't worry, he got it back. I talked to him for a good 20 min before I had to really go. I hung up and said that I would see him later. Well I went into my family room again and just relaxed. I was thinking to myself that I was going to be riding coasters in 2 hrs. I was pumped. My step dad took some time to get ready but after he was done we were off....!

We headed out for Gadv around 9:50. I wasn't sure if we would get there in time but I was sure my step dad was going to haul major ass! We jumped on to Rt. 206 and arrived at the turn for Rt. 537 in no time. Now this is where it gets rough. It was a daughting process to get to Gadv. I thought every minute was going by so slow but I had my iPod to keep me occupied. We arrive at the park and the first thing I noticed was that the speed bumps were gone. I am glad...I hated those. We turn a couple of times to see a congested toll plaza. It was a nice new setup but there was a new process...Self Service! During the time I called Justin and told him to prepare for it. I took a long time to get through that process but after I was ready for some coasters. We grabbed a parking spot and locked everything up so that was it was safe. I exited the car breathing in the sweet air and realized that I was home!

Walking at a steady pace to the gates I decided to call Dainan who was still driving. I told him numerous about the closed rides and tolls. After that I strutted up to the gates. I grabbed everything metal at my disposal. I waited for about 5 min until I was let through. I put on my belt which is a pain to put on and off. Next, I walked over to El Toro after deciding not to go to Nitro. We jumped in that line and I noticed someone very familiar. It was Kenny! Thanks to the new hat that caught me with the vibrant colors. I went up said hi...the usual. I also saw Stew behind us but I would just say hi to him later. So I called up Justin again to see where he was and he was on his way. After hanging up with him I saw the Six Flags Crew. Renee and her gang all together taking pics of Toro. This was about 30 min after we got in line. Well who did I see next...none other than Justin!!! We just talked and he waited on line for about 15 min and left. next who showed up was Dan and his crew. They waited online with us and Sxydan (Dan) was came up and said hi. His quote of the day was..."80 Degrees My Ass!" He left us in the dust but we started moving into the station around 12:00......

Climbing the stairs to the station was very strange but I headed towards the back with everyone including Stew who I waived to online Toro. We got the 2nd to last row...Dan and Dave got the 3rd to last...and Stew and Amanda got the 4th to last row. Who else did we see inside the station on the back row other than Chuck! I said hi and I was definitely pissed because he got first train out. Chuck returned to the station with a smile on his face because he was very excited...just like we all were about to be. The next train boarded and we were next. I started thinking of the airtime..! The train was sent out and these kid that were before us were ecstatic! I told Dan that they didn't know what they were getting themselves into. That train took its ride and we were left alone in the station. I was still dreaming then the train pulled in. Riders got off...Air gates opened....I boarded. Buckled the seat belt...Was stapled by the attendant...and was ready to go.


Part 2 Coming Tomorrow!





Hey Dan! I think our cameras have a connection between each other.


El Toro's Cool Test Seat.


John: Yo dude you see that second hill...

Mike: Yeah...Why?

John: That is where riders experience the most insane airtime ever.


El Toro's kick butt turn around!


Superman: Waste of Space...it's a fun experience though.


Kingda Ka in the morning fog! It looked awesome.


New tolls were sort of a pain in the butt. It took forever to get into the park. (Only about 10 min)


OOO an enthusiast's dream...Season Passes and a Topper Bottle!


YESSS! Me with my topper bottle and ready to go!

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It was cool seeing you again fellow NEC staff member. Did you happen to take pictures inside Skull Mountain? I know Justin had his camera out on the ride.


-Dainan "Should Amanda, you and I just combine topics ?" Rafferty

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Oh, allright thanks. I was going to ask him if he posted it! And I was only kidding about combinding topics. We did share the coolest experience on Skull Mountain.


-Dainan "Hehe, and Dan getting pwnd by BTR's air gates" Rafferty

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