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Photo TR: Opening Day GADV

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So after getting 4 hours of sleep the night before from going to PKD. I was off to GA to get my Toro fix.


I arrived at the park at around 10am and saw this...



Walked in and hung out near the ticket entrance for the gates to open while observing someone checking the cables on Dare Devil Dive...



Crazy man! Anyway, entered the park and waited for the ropes to drop. Ran right to Toro and waited an hour for them to open it. :'( But, got the first train out in the back seat and was a happy camper.



Then rode RT, definitely did some trackwork to it in the offseason. Afterwards, proceeded to Ka and waited about a half hour and it broke down and after waiting 15 minutes with nothing happening we left and went to KFC.


We came back and met up with Rob and his girlfriend and went back to Toro, but I broke it and then I took some crazy pictures of water dummies on El Toro.



Ka and Toro sitting there...


Met up with Clint, George and his girlfriend and went on Medusa which was very nice and then worked out way to see how Chiller is looking.





Some angles it looks really cool, but then some angles it looks ehh. I guess I will have to wait till ride. So, we wandered over to Nitro and got an awesome ride on Nitro which was kicking butt today.



After that, got a call from Rob saying Ka just opened back up and got a front row ride with a 4 train wait with Clint. Afterwards, went over to RT again and grabbed a front row ride.


Afterwards, got another back seat ride on Toro and then headed over to Ka for the last ride of the night. Ended up grabbing the last train out in the front row with the tower half covered in fog! It was awesome!



Walked to the exit and did the hand slapping and saw Kristin again, which was very cool and got to my car before taking one last picture...



Awesome day!

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So glad to hear that El Toro is still not opening with the park, and is running only 1 train. Way to pick up right where you left off, Six Flags. I'm so anxious to visit again


Thanks for sharing the pretty typical SFGAd that we're accustomed to. Though "maybe" they were just opening day glitches (riiiiiight).


Perhaps if I want to ride an Intamin woodie without hassles I should just fly to Sweden. It'd be worth it!

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Yeah, the one train operation on Toro is just horrid. They need to run two on that ride, but it was still a kick a$$ ride!


Number of trains that are run on Toro means squat unless they have more than two attendants checking restraints in the station.


With just two attendants, that means each has to staple 18 people (while making sure all bars are in an acceptable locked position in the eyes of Mr. Computer) before dispatching. From my two visits last year, that averaged anywhere from 6-10 minutes per train. With an actual station to ready brakes cycle time of something like 1:30-1:45, that makes one or two train op a moot point in terms of capacity.



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