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Credit Whoring SFDK (Marine Wolrd)

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Hello Folks!


Well, Ive never gotten my credits at Marine World yet. So, I really don't know how to "credit whore" the park. Magic Mountain is no sweat to me, since I know whats busy and whats not during the day.


So if you guys would be willing to help me on a make shift Itinerary, that would be nice! Thanks!



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Well, the park only has 7 coasters and 2 of them are kiddies, so it should be that hard!


Just use your head. Figure out what are the lowest capacity coasters in the park and hit those first!


Boomerand and V2 1/2 only run one train, so figure hit one of those two first (they are on opposite sides of the park) and hit the coasters around them.


I've been on all the coasters in that park in about 90 minutes, and that's even when they had Zonga.



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Head to the Roar/V2 side of DK at opening for plenty of re-rides before the crowds find their way over. Catch a few rides on Roar first then make your way over to V2 if it's open with the park.


Medusa seems to be the "running of the bulls" rides for SFDK so make your way over to the section of the park during the mid-late hours of the day. Medusa's lines tend to be almost walk on for any row but the front most days. Anyways, enjoy your trip. Make sure to check out everything else the park has to offer if you have a full day to do so. The rides are a great start, but DK is offering a lot more these days if you're into animal & show attractions.

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Not sure if im late or not but here ya go...


It seems that this Spring Break is not making a difference in the amount of crowds that are there. I was told that all rides were walk on and as far as i know V2 is still closed. There is no telling when it will be open. It could be anytime now.


Kong and Roar are running 1 train and will be for a while as their trains arent even rebuilt yet. So that just leaves Medusa with 2 trains. Depending on if your going on a weekend or weekday, the crowds will be moderate to light, so you could get all the credits within half a day easily!


I should be at the park on random days waiting for V2 to open. Maybe i'll run into ya!

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Sorry that I will go against what others are suggesting, but here goes.


We have been to SFMW, now SFDK, on days where the park would open 30 minutes early. They don't advertise this. When the park opens at that time, the rides that you can ride are Cobra and Medusa (right side of park).


We start on the right side because the operations on Medusa take forever for some reason. You can get there, and be on the platform, and still wait for 30-45 minutes.


If you can get these 2 rides done before the park really opens, you're ahead of the game. Next, head to Roar. I guess V2 isn't operating, so you'll need to come back to the right side to ride Kong after Roar, then head to Boomerang. Take a trip around the back.


YES, see the dolphin show, Shouka, take in the tiger show, feed the giraffes, ride an elephant, do anything! See the sharks, check out the walruses. There is so much there. Then go to the kiddie area to ride the other kiddie coaster. They also have a pretty goofy show there too with the characters.


That's all I have. I know I am doubling back from Roar, but if you can get Medusa and Cobra done before the park opens, it will be worth it.

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