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DL's Tower of Terror as you've never seen it

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So much detail, the only thing I notice is no hallway.

That's because it's the Florida "Good Tower" not the poopy California version.


Still this was so creepy that it was almost cool.


It had the cool "door opening" effect which IMO, is the one effect that *makes* Good Tower.


Don't even know why, but it does for me.



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I think the exteriors could have used better work, and some of the interiors. But the actual ride is pretty good.


Well besides the basement the elevator lands in. There is no projection screen and the car does not back off and turn at the very end.


Heck, I spotted so many errors. But hey, I've been on the ride so many times that I should just keep my mouth shut.

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^^He wasn't asking what the crow bar does...it's pretty obvious what a crow bar does when used as a weapon. He wants to know why the player favored it while walking around...why not just go open-handed or with something a little more discrete so that it doesn't take away from the ride.

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That's got to be the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Seriously. Someone needs a life. Badly.


I am sure the designer of this has a very good life designing these kinda things in a game. Probably gets paid well too. So I am sure his life is well off.


Props to people like this who can recreate such things!

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