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Photo TR: Six Flags Great Adventure 4/2/07, Opening Day!

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It was a really cool day. I met a lot of cool people, and alot of people knew me that I got to meet.




Twin brother: Anthony

Little sister: Savannah


Girl friend: Amanda (Queenda Ka)

Dan (kkrider09)

JR (medusa05)


Kenny (Kenskie)

Cory (Coasterrider1999)

Justin (CoasterCrazy)

Renee (sixflagsnj1)

Sue (SFGASue)




TJ (kkroxmysox)

Dave (Beethoven)



Chuck R

Buba Z



Wow! Wow, wow wow! What an incredible day. I didn't make it for opening but I got there at a decent hour. We walked around for a bit. Went to Johnny Rockets at 12:30, closed! Went over to Best Of The West and it was closed. Went over to La Cocina and met up with Dan, Dave, Amanda, Rei (Amanda's mom), JR, Kenny, David Jr and Stew (who followed me from the bridge, oh he will so pay for this in the video . JR, Savannah, Anthony and I went on El Toro where we met up with Sue and Brian. We sat twords the back, and I'm not going to lie. The ride just wasn't, delivering. It was running pretty slow (compared to usual), but it's the very begging of the season so this was expected.


After that, JR went over to Kingda Ka, and Amanda, Savannah, Dan, Dave, and Anthony went on Rolling Thunder (left) which was running really good today! Pretty smooth. After that, Dan and Dave went to go on Medusa while the rest of us went on Tangp....nuff said. Next,w e all met at Granny's Kitchen. The food isn't that great. Anthony got a Gyro at Mama Florras.


After this we went over to Houdini's Great Escape. Amanda was completely freaked out, but it was cute. It was amazing, they had every single effect working! Some I didn't even remember. Great job SFGAv! WOW! I really just said that! Walking by the fountain, before Houdini we ran into Kristin Siebeneicher. My mom and her talked for a bit (they used to e-mail each other) and Amanda met her, and almost had a heart attack. We also saw the Six Flags Crew. Afterwords, we went over to Skull Mountain. This deserves its own paragraph.


Dan, Dave, Amanda, Anthony, Savannah and I ran into Skull's station and there were a few empty rows, but we decided to wait for the next train. Then I hear some one yell my name, and it was Cory and Justin. Amanda and I got the last row. Dan and Savannah sat infront of us, Dave and Anthony sat infront of them, and two rows ahead was Cory and Justin. While we were leaving the station (The front of the train was at the top of the lift) and it julted to a stop. The op then called mechanics and the lights turned on! SWEET! The train behind us was still on the break run (there's two by the way, they were on the first).

After what felt like for ever, the mechanic finally came in (who happens to be a Sup) and he got it restarted. Everyone was screaming and chearing and we get into the main room, and the lights were on. About 1/3 of the way through they turned off the lights. We then got on to the 1st break run (in the middle of the room) and stopped! The lights came back on, and everyone was chearing and laughing. An attendent then came out and realesed the breaks, and got us to the next block break. Then we got off. Everyone came running out chearing, jumping, and screaming, etc.


We then all headed over to Nitro where Kenny met up with us. We took up the last three rows and had an awesome ride. It was kicking real ass today!Great airtime and everything. Next we did Batman: The Ride. It ran like usual. Savannah got all coastered out, and Cory and Justin had to leave, so the only people left riding were Dave, Dan, Amanda, Anthony, and I. We then headed over to the Autobahn where we saw Ryan operating. Rei and Savannah did go on this. Then we got some ben And Jerry's and headed over to the Boardwalk.


Outised GASM, we ran into SxyDan and we went on GASM. Dave hates it, so the five of us. Anthony and Dan got the 1st row, Amanda got the 2nd, and SxyDan and I got the last row. Wow, it killed us! It was incredibly bumpy, not as much bashing, but my back, chest and shoulders were killing me. SxyDan then went back to his friends. And we all went over to SUF. It was a walk on. Dan, Dave and Anthony got the last row, and Amanda and I sat infront of them. It was pretty boaring, and they moved the on-ride poto.


Amanda, Dan, Dave, Anthony and I went over to Kingda Ka where we met up with JR and Kyle. Amanda and I got 2nd row, Dan and Dave got the 3rd row on the train infront of us with Anthony in the 4th. JR and Kyle sat behind us on that train. The two kids infront of us in line (Mike and Nick) were enthusiests....well Nick was GP, but they were cool to talk too! Also, Anthony was by himself and then a kid ran and sat next to him, looked at me and said, "Hey Dainan!" Oh snap, it was Dave (Beethoven). Then we got on. The launch was good. And I got really good ejector air too! Of course, at the end of the ride, the Six Flags Crew was there.


After that, Dan and Dave went home, and Anthony, Amanda, JR, Kyle and I went and got an other ride on El Toro! It was running MUCH better than before. After that, Amanda, Anthony and I went over and got the last 3 rides of the night on Medusa. We ran to the front (walk on) and it was pretty rough. We then got a reride (the station was empty, so they kept the restraints locked and sent us out again). Then on the third and final ride, we got the last row. It was freezing, rough, but still fun.


After that we wondered around for a bit (in the closed park) and then went home. On the way home we stopped at Wawa where I got to hang out with TJ for a little bit.


New sign.


Foggy morning.


Did anybody else find this mildly frightening.


Savannah is excited about the day!


Street Performers


Welcome 2007


Group shot.


Coaster lovers (and nerds).


Coaster Queen (my mom).








Sexy El Toro.


Coaster Moms!


Amanda with her idle, Kristin Siebeneicher.


An other group shot.


This ride is amazing when ran corectly (like today).


SF Trivia.




New Flashpass building (You can smell the new paint!).



Intamin goodness (Retheme it to Charlie the Unicorn).


Stuck on Skull Mountain.


Us all excited about a break down (I know, nerds. But it was so cool!).


Group shot


An other group shot.



You do not want to know what was being said.


Batman is still making you his bitch.


Now for the Chiller segment:

It really looks disgusting.


Parade pics:

No one even paid attention to it.


Final group shot, I promise! But damn, there's some Sxy people in there!


Dave, Dan, Anthony and Dave (Beethoven) on Kingda Ka.


Mike and Nick


Pulling a Dragster!


JR waiting for El Toro (one train operation).


I'll finish this update with this sexy picture of sexy El Toro.


-Dainan "Really great day" Rafferty

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I need to visit this park so bad. It's like top 3 for sure if I made a must visit next list! I've only been to one park on the east coast, BGE. Unless you count Cedar Point as East Coast.


Are there any other parks nearby I would also be able to hit?

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Looks like you guys had a nice group and a lot of fun. It didn't look like the park was too crowded, either. Anyway, that's good news about Houdini's Great Escape. Six Flags can do themed attractions if they try. Let's hope that it stays in good condition throughout the season.


And Coaster Queen/the other Coaster Moms are awesome.

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Coaster Queen is my mom. And Coaster Moms is my mom and my gril friends mom. It was a really cool day. And I did see some TPR hoodies and shirts.


Yeah you lost me on that one. Could you reword it please? Unless you mean that Coaster Mom is your mom's mother and your girl friend is really your sister. Thanks!


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It was a really cool day. And I did see some TPR hoodies and shirts.


That was me! I saw you guys...you were in front of me and my group in line for El Toro. I was wearing the grey TPR hoodie.


Remember me? Porky's telling you who I am.

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Yes I do. My brother pointed you out. But I didn't say hi, because so many people were coming to me, that my friends were feeling uncomfortable, that I wasn't going to do it either, because I didn't know if you'd freek out or not.

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It was a really cool day. And I did see some TPR hoodies and shirts.


That was me! I saw you guys...you were in front of me and my group in line for El Toro. I was wearing the grey TPR hoodie.


Wow, I saw you too. I saw you exiting Medusa while I was getting off.


Damn, I really need a TPR shirt!

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