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I hung out with Keith Strickland of the B-52s in Key West. He is good friends with a friend of mine that lives there, so we went out to eat and went to a karaoke bar with him. Suprisingly, he didn't want to sing Love Shack that night, even though he wrote it. He was really cool though and has aged really well.

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OK, I'll bite...I can drop a few names...


NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle driver Peggy Llewellyn is a good friend of mine, and was/is/will be the technical advisor on my first feature film (if we ever get funding for it). She's hooking me up with media credentials for this season's SuperNationals in Englishtown NJ in exchange for developing her promo video as part of my portfolio (can we say side trip to GADV?)...


My wife's maternal grandmother is close friends with Fiona Apple's grandparents, although we've never met.


Eric RunningPath, the Native American dancer who solo-performed during the opening ceremonies of the 1984 L.A. Summer Olympics, was a good friend of mine when I lived in San Diego, although we've lost touch (a bit of a falling out).


I've met Julius Drum (played Richard Yellowhawk - the guy in the wheelchair - in the Val Kilmer film "Thunderheart"), through my friendship with Eric.


Steve and Macile Reevis are old acquaintances, also from my days in San Diego (Steve was the Comanche lead actor opposite Tom Berenger in "Last of the Dogmen").


My father (Peter "Searching Owl" Giove) is a somewhat well-known Native American musician (NAMMY-nominated in 1997 or '98 I think). His out-of-print CD is still available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/7-Generations-Goodoak-Owl/dp/B000B9VJN2/ref=tag_ti_title/002-5123341-2493621


I've met Prince (the artist currently known as) through various infant-bereavement networks.


Albert M. Chan, who appears as "Geek Worker" in Disney's "Underdog" (2007), is currently cast in my short film "Love/Hate" as Tommy (currently in production).

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anyone watch The Vicar of Dibley? I'm related to the guy who plays Uncle Simon. I met him at a wedding. He kinda glanced at me when i turnd around at the wedding dinner and I almost leapt out of my seat in excitement to shake his hand... it was really funny because he told me pretty much everything about the VoD... It was strange seeing him out of character though


forgot to add, i met the lead singer's dad from InMe the other day... kinda funny really because i was listening to them on my MP3 player, then he just kinda started off...

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