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I did some research on this Justin Sax guy, and he is a 57 year old man, most likely a total curmudgeon. There are trees, a ferris wheel, more trees, a coaster, some more trees, and a smelly creek between his house and the nearest source of music/noise. I think a bit of advice for Joyland would be to build a sound-wall or pay to soundproof some houses.

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The date has been set for the protest.Please spread the word.

The protest will be held Monday July 23.11:00 - 12:00 and 2:00 - 3:00.Signs will be provided.Location to be announced later.


New pictures in the gallery.I really like the picture from the scrambler.

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Heres an email I received from from Robert regarding Joyland.I hope things really get going now.

----- Original Message -----


From: Robert Barnard


To: Jim Skelton


Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 9:41 PM


Subject: Joyland- FYI


Councilman Skelton,




I will call Allen Mairs and ask him to settle my ownership of Joyland with the Nelsons and discuss the operating license with the city of Wichita. I will give him until August 1, 2007 to resolve all of the issues. Without the support of the city council, the mayor, and the K15 association I will not be in Wichita to operate an amusement park.


Your own city attorney has stated the legal battle with the Joyland owners and the Nelsons will take 3-5 years. I believe you saw the estimated cost to the city to fight a Joyland legal battle. I hope you and the city administration make the correct decision for the citizens of Wichita.


I look forward to working with you in the near future.




Robert Barnard

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07/31/07- 1.Today we delivered the Support Joyland Amusement Park Petition with 774 signatures.This after only eight days of gathering signatures.This number will only grow.I hope the city will talk with Michael/Robert and work things out.everyday the park sits empty and unused we all loose.Keep having people sign the online petition and we will keep gathering signatures.

2. Here is the response I received from Mayor Carl Brewer and Jim Skelton:

Mayor Carl Brewer:

I would be happy to meet with them if they had requested a meeting with me the only person thats asking for help on this project is(Chris Cane).We/I want joyland open just as you do but the owners must have a workable plan,I'm willing to do all that I can within the law to help.But everyone must keep in mind the city has many projects that are city owned and and we must make those a priority first.Have the OWNERS call me at 268-4331.

Jim Skelton: For anything to happen with Joyland the Owners or their agent must contact me.

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If this park was MAKING Money when It closed...It wouldn't have.


This is called progress. If anything gets too old and decrepit, (like Me) it is replaced or put on the registry of historic places where it can't be destroyed.


Not paying rent for three months or more, having rides that look like they belong in a ghetto fair somewhere.??!!


Nowdays people spend their money to get maximum entertainment.


Unfortunately, these type of parks all go by the wayside as time passes.


I loved Drive In's Growing up - had a blast - Now they are all strip malls or condo's - was it something cool that should have stayed? - I think so but if they didn't make money - owners bailed. (wikipedia drive in if you are too young to know what they are.)


PS - if I was a politician in Wichita, I wouldn't worry about an online petition. Petitions are only legal when signed by registered local voters and as a politician, I would worry about my local constituents, not some fanboys - (Love that term) who live no where near my city or state.


A few opinions

Kevin Long

old Fat guy

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If you can't respond = because logic and common sense are hard to refute.


I honestly wish you luck in keeping this park open or re-opening it.


I can say I don't think you will succeed, but I hope you prove me wrong and if you do I will visit the park and apologize.


Kevin Long

Fat old guy

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^We've discussed why we want the park to re-open over and over again. All you have to do is go back a few pages.


The park was obviously a treasured part of Wichita, and many, many people are pissed to the bone that it was treated so miserably. Now the citizens of Wichita want to know why their local government aided in the park's downfall, among other things.


I'll have you know that quite a few things that we all enjoy don't make a profit, or at least a profit worth continuing, but we hope they keep going because we enjoy them. If you enjoy something, why not support it?

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"I'll have you know that quite a few things that we all enjoy don't make a profit, or at least a profit worth continuing, but we hope they keep going because we enjoy them. If you enjoy something, why not support it?"


Try being a business owner and losing money every day, week and month so that everyone can be happy. It's very easy to say when it's not your money.


Its called a free Market and if the market is not big enough or interested in your product you either give it away and lose money or close the business.


I know, I know.. The town hates the park. They forced the park out of business. If you are making tax revenues for the town they will not close you down. There is more going on here than anyone knows (there always is) and you will probably never get to the true bottom of it.


It sucks that it works that way but it does. I hope they re-open but the odd's are against them.


Kevin Long

Old fat guy

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Robert Barnards email to the Mayor:


Mayor Brewer,


Congratulations on becoming mayor.


As owners of Joyland Michael and I left several messages for you before, during, and after the election. I understand you were busy and unable to return the calls at that time.


I hope things have settled down for you. We are only asking the city to do the items they promised in writing. You may refer to the meeting minutes from the various meetings with Allen Bell, Jim Skelton, and then Mayor Mayans. Allen Mairs has volunteered to work with you on these items.


I look forward to working with your administration and opening Joyland in the near future.




Robert E. Barnard- COO

Joyland Amusement Park Inc.

2801 South Hillside

Wichita, KS 67216

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Please join us for the 2nd support Joyland Protest. This is the last chance to get the city, Nelsons and k15 association to work things out with Joyland Amusement Park.

If you can attend please email me at ccane@cox.net.

If you cant attend the protest you can still help by signing the petetition here: http://www.petitiononline.com/7004/petition.html


Support Joyland Protest 2 :

Work with Joyland / Drop the injunction


1. Get the city of Wichita KS, Wichita City Council, the Nelsons and the K-15 Neighborhood Association to work with Joyland Amusement Park.

2. Get the city of Wichita KS to lift the permanent injunction on any outdoor entertainment or music.

Time and Place:

Date: Saturday, September 29, 2007

Time: 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Location: City Hall

Street: 455 N. Main

City/Town: Wichita, KS


go to www.explorer7004.com for more info




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  • 2 weeks later...

I agree that Joyland was better. It had more to offer than WWW. More thrills too. Even though they weren't like Six Flags thrills, they were thrilling compared to Wild West. The roller coaster was a winner. Without a doubt. And everyone that worked at Joyland were so nice. You go up to a food stand and they'd ask "Did you have a good time?" and other things. Joyland was a nice family park.

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Yeah, Joyland certainly was better, but I wish Parks! had bought WWW, and invested a few million on trees, landscaping and a new headline attraction. After all, a small park that still needs to grow is way better than no park at all. The way things are looking, Wichita won't see another amusement park for a long, long time, even if it can theoretically support one.

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My family and I were just passing through Wichita a couple of weeks ago and I just had to stop and see what Joyland looked like. It has been over 10 years since I've been there. I thought I heard that a lot had been done to refurbish the place in the last couple of years, but everything looked as run down as ever. It's a shame because I really liked the coaster, though it seemed to be falling apart the last time I rode it - of course that just added to the fun! Anyway, I there was a guy in a pickup working around the grounds, and we didn't have time to waste, so I didn't linger too long. I just snapped a couple of pictures and thought I'd share them with all of you secret lovers of Joyland.


Roller Coaster in all its glory.


Amazing Panorama Shot!


Hopefully not closed forever!

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I know that Robb and Elissa are probably already sick of my book-like posts, but this is one subject I can't ignore. Even though I was born in Oakland, my hometown is Hutchinson, Kansas, about an hour NW of Wichita. I graduated HS there, college there, started my music career there and am returning in Jan. 2008 to world-premiere classical works under a planetarium shell. Joyland is a sticky subject because, like all messes, there are multiple sides to the story.

When I was living in Hutch (1980-1992), if you wanted to go on a coaster, you either drove 250 miles to OKC, 400+ to Denver, or put your fate in your hand and braved KC, MO's scary traffic for WOF..or you waited for the Kansas State Fair and rode the infamous "every third bolt is missing" Zyklon. Joyland, especially after the sad closing of Wild West World, is all Kansas has for "thrills."

Here's the down side which will inflame purists. The park needs work and restructuring of almost Biblical proportions. The coaster there is second only in roughness and pain to an F4 or F5 twister, there is (or at least was) a gigantic swimming pool that has sat vacant for decades, and the last new ride installed that I can recall was in the early 90's.

I think Wichita is not over"joy"ed at the park's prospect (if you'll excuse the pun) because the park, while a landmark, is in sad shape, not unlike Coney in the 70's.

I'll wrap this up and promise not to write books anymore (sorry). While it would be nice to see someone take Joyland in hand and make it into a really good local park, I just don't think there is enough financial interest in it. I just hope Louie and the Wurlitzer find a good home.

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