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The official 2007 Major League Baseball season thread

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^Did you by any chance read "Game of Shadows"? Great book.


Even if he wasn't on steriods...he's a huge douchebag. I've heard stories of his dad having to apologize to a little kid because Barry completely ignored him.

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^ I can't belive people still belive that crap.

( P.S. Now he is only 12 away. )


Yeah, you're right. He goes from 180 pounds and 7 1/4 inch head to 235 pounds and a 8 1/2 head. That's normal.


It may never be proven, but he, like Sosa, McGuire, Palmero, should not be included in any records. It has been proven, as Jew said, he's an A1 class jack arse.

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It may be proven after all. Some Mets clubhouse guy,(the guy who picks up jerseys and runs and gets things for the players), got busted for supplying all kinds of illegal stuff to players. He apparently is signing like a songbird to the feds since he has nothing to lose. So, we may know the truth eventually. Here is the link to what I read today.



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Sorry if I sound rude, but Barry isn't the only person right now who has taken steroids so why do you all pick on him. If it is because he has almost ever great MLB record and he probably got them from steroids, than I can see that. But he has never failed a test and a lot of people like Rodger Clemens have(So what if he is a Yankee, he still sucks).


10 MORE TO GO!!!!!!

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^But remember, he's never knowingly taken steriods. So that's obviously why he failed...


I forgot. He just lets everyone else give him things to put in/on his body. Like flaxseed oil, which I hear shines up mahogney furniture really nicely.


The best part about the Sweeney story, is how he got the stuff from Sweeney's locker, used it, and then threw Sweeney under the bus. What a stand up guy.

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