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Dollywood 3-31-07 Mystery Mine Open (PTR)

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I decided to take a trip up to Dollywood since I knew Mystery Mine would be open. I am not going to give away any spoilers on the ride. It might take away from the ride if you knew what was inside, but there is light at the end of the Tunnel.


All in all I think the park has a huge hit on their hands. The ride had a huge line when I left to head back to the house. I would say atleast 45 minutes and everyone knows that is a big line for the park. The ride ops where on the ball though.




It's pretty bad-ass looking! (This picture was from a couple of months ago)


What is a Dollywood Report without a pic of food. Seems like a great way to end this one.


I really do not want to even know.


Jarvis checking footage for his video of ride that he is doing.


Close up of empty train.


The Line for it.


There is alot of Hang Time!


Just had to add this to this report.


Would not want to met any Wimmin that can shovel coal.


Gives new meaning to passing gas.


The Q and those that know me can see some of my handy work.


The Detailed Mine Structure


Back into the Mine for the .......not spoiling it!


Nice Theming


Exit first Vertical Lift


Top of first Vertical Lift


They look both thrilled and abit terrified.


Down into the Backside


Larger Overview of the Backside


Small Overview of Backside


Could be trouble for this train.


Some Sideways Action


The Tressel


Wonder if it has Hang Time?


Looks just to fun you say?


Nothing like seeing a train on the track as I get closer to it.


That is what they call it.

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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Bring on the vittles...I may just have to go there before or after the midwest trip....and yes it will be for the food, and since I am tall, I would love to see Dolly, I would probably have the best of view....


Casey"I love being tall sometimes"Childers

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whoot woot!!!


kudos to you!!!!!!!!


where's the POV? :mickey:



Dammit dave now I am going to have to claim the title of being the first "blackZ" person to post pics of the completed operating mystery mine!

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Wow, looks as great as I was hoping. Not too much longer until I can ride it myself. Thanks for not spoiling any of the dark sections I am very happy to hear that there is lots going on inside the mine. How were the vertical lifts? Were they intense? How fast are the lifts? I was looking at the picture of the tressel and noticed that there was a large wooden gate just past the tressel section at the end of the path . . . similar to when they were constructing MM . . . kinda makes you wonder, now doesn't it?


Thanks again for the pictures, can't wait to see more and maybe even a video of the outside run.

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^Then if you guys say so....F the coasters...I NEED TO GO FOR THE FOOD....LOL....thanks Justin...yeah I have never been there...I may have to figure out how to get there.....


Casey"Justin it's all your fault cause you said the food was good...you too Chuck.."Childers

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