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Your Coaster/Ride To Do List

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Top Posters In This Topic

I regret missing the cat in the hat dark ride at IOA


I'd also like to hit up the rides at BGW, and one day get to SFGadv for my El Tor credit, SFNE for S:ROS, then the CP and HW coasters. And all the uber awsome disney/universal rides to be built in the future.

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To Do for 2007:


Mystery Mine


S:ROS (all of them)

El Toro

Storm Runner


Flying Turns


I should be able to hit all of those this year, assuming that Flying Turns is open in August when I plan to hit Knoebels. There are a lot more rides that I'm going to hit this year, but those are the ones I'm most excited about.


To Do for 2008:



Expedition GeForce

Goliath (Walibi World)

Colossos (Heide Park)

Black Mamba


I plan to hit the TPR continental europe trip for 2008. That should cover a few of those, but not Balder

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