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Photo TR: Final Four Weekend in Atlanta

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So even if you are not a basketball fan, you have probably heard of the Final 4, the college championship which is taking place this year in Atlanta. Well a good buddy of mine (aka larrygator) frequents the event, and he happens to be a coaster enthusiast as well. Err, should I say credit whore? Anyways, since Mystery Mine isn't scheduled to open until April 13, and Lake Winnie is closed, that leaves us with Six Flags on Sunday, and.... WILD ADVENTURES!!


So begin to read of our trip to this Vekoma-laden park.


Well, thats all I have. I want to end it with a "thats what she said" but so far, no one has said that to me =( More coming soon....


I like how they built the rides as if it was almost *planned* that they would operate rotationally


Hey, look! There's a giraffe!! Anyone seen Wes?


Wait, what's this?


... a woodie with some of the worst trains ever. I told Larry before we got there that it reminds me A LOT of the MB Hurricane. After we got off he admitted to having flashbacks (or nightmares?) to the Hurricane. Cheetah ran horrible on this day


umm... this is a woodie...


GOOD SLC, very good




Not sure what he's doing - 4? As in Final Four? 40? As in his age? IQ? oh, wait, that's right... this was his 400th coaster, but since hes normal and only has 2 arms, he can't do it right


next up was FIESTA EXPRESS! Larry had never seen one before, and it was new for me, so its all good!!


For such a clean kitchen, they really had some exceedingly mediocre hot dogs


Yes, this dump is still built on top of a swamp...


The Boomerang was closed... all together now... awwwww. Seriously, is anyone who's been to Wild Adventures lately surprised?


The sign does not lie


This one is ok. Not near as bad as the (newer!) one at Cypress Gardens


Once I saw the sign on the top, I thought about taking the advice of the sign on the bottom..


Its so amazing we rode twice. No joke.


Tigger Terror is doing his best YetiBall "Grrrr!!"


This was a common sight for the day, imagine if Universal tried to do this...


oh yeah, a Cedar Fair park!! (Dorney) Except with fewer trash cans..


hmmm, what does this remind me of?


For those of you who know Larry know how dangerous this photo is. Look at him just eying those spinning things...


Yeah... the Insect-o-Slide!!


Hi Elissa. What's that?


They really are taking over the world. First they plopped a few on top of Magic Mountain's remnants, and now even crappy Wild Adventures has one


First credit of the day! For Larry at least, who surprisingly hasn't been on too many of these considering how huge of a whore he is


I cant complain, I'd be sad if these lines were actually full. Funny how I took so many pics outside the park


Being the picture-taker at one of the deadest parks in America HAS to suck. At least they have 3 at a time so they have someone to talk to while draining in the sun for minimum wage


I wouldn't forget my camera, no way I would want to miss the awesomeness of WA!!


Funny how it looks like they take security here pretty seriously or something, because you know how much those terrorist bastards want to kill 72 park patrons and 117 employees...


oh my god, BEST RULE EVER!!!!!


That is six times the number of cars in the lot as the first time I came here. I wondered at this point how our day would go


We arrived just in time to purchase our 2005 parking passes. Good thing too, cause I didn't want to pay for parking today..


Have you ever been on I-75 through south Georgia or north Florida? You've seen this sign then... all 700 of them


Well, if you would have read the first paragraph you know!


Why am I in the airport?

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Great TR, is WA far from the interstate because everytime we pass the 700 signs (you aren't lying) I never see anything. I know there's not alot to see, but I thought I'd see at least the SLC or something.


Actually you have to drive abbout two or so miles down a fairly ghetto deep-southern road.


The fiesta express is one of the strangest things ever. Does it count? it didnt exactly have a lift, and it has kicker wheels every two turns.


About the trains on Cheetah, the best description we could come up with are G-trains trying to pass off as millineum flyers, and failing miserably. When we were there in January, the boomerang was open, but their wild mouse wasn't, which was sad because it looked like the best ride in the park. It was pretty big.

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I'm totally protesting the Final 4 this year. How the hell am I supposed to choose between UCLA and Florida? UCLA...is, well...UCLA. And I'm pretty sure I get the point that all of Florida's starting 5 came back and they're so cool because they room together and are supposedly too awesome for any other school to possibly have a chance against them, so I really don't want to have to hear any more of that from the media either!


Go...Georgetown? Ohio State gets -5000 for the endless Greg Oden hype. So Georgetown it is I guess.

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I'd like to see SFMM ban those heely shoes. They are really annoying!


However, once in line for Riddler's Revenge, I saw a kid fall flat on his butt on those things. Made my day!


Anyway, nice TR. Hope you had fun at Vekomaland.



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Likely the best park rule to come to light in recent times.


I always want to hit WA when we go past (which those 700 signs have ingrained in my mind, "Exit 14, Valdosta"), but the family would never go for it.


If it's only two miles or so down the road, I'm surprised I still can't see it from I-75.

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Wild Adventures looks pretty good! Does the park ever get busy? It seems like that all the pictures i've seen from trs, the place is always dead....Plus it looks like they have a lot of flat rides which is always nice. I wish SFOG had more flat rides....Nice trip Joe!

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^It only is busy on concert days.


Basically I've been there on days where there were no more than 20 people in the park, then there was the day of the Beyonce Concert and there were like 20K people in the park!


Check the events calendar and plan accordingly and you'll have an awesome dead time!

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^It only is busy on concert days.


Basically I've been there on days where there were no more than 20 people in the park, then there was the day of the Beyonce Concert and there were like 20K people in the park!


Check the events calendar and plan accordingly and you'll have an awesome dead time!

Thank you I will keep that in mind!

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