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What park have you been to the most?

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Technically the answer would be Funland in Rehoboth Beach, DE by a landslide as we've been vacationing there since I was born and my family now owns a place down there. It doesn't really count though since most of the time I just walk in to play a game or ten of skeeball before going to the beach or wherever else I'm going. I can say with absolute certainty though that I've ridden the Funland Paratrooper more than any ride in any park anywhere.


If that doesn't count and it really shouldn't the answer is probably either Six Flags New England or Great Adventure. I'm not sure which.

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Silver Dollar City takes it by far, on average about once a month since 1989, except for 2007-2010, when we did not go at all. Our three children were born during that time period, so we had some other priorities at the time. We started going again in 2011, when my oldest was 3 1/2, big enough for the smallest rides. So that comes out to over 200 visits over 25 years. Aside from that would be Six Flags St. Louis; I've been there about a dozen times since 1993.

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, I've had at least 4 season passes there going at least 7 times per pass and I got my 2015 gold/food pass in early September and already been 5 times. Might go up to 4 times during holiday in the park and then a lot more in 2015.

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Thorpe Park as well. Despite living in Devon its definitely the park that I've been too most. Probably around once a year for the last like 8 years (my old girlfreind used to go to uni in London) and then I just kept going there.


(Though I suppose you could count Crealy Adventure park as the most visited but its not really what I'd call a proper park.)





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Probably Canobie Lake Park since it's so close. I've probably been there 15+ times. I think it gets old for me really fast now though, seeing as I want to ride bigger rides these days.


I really wish I lived near Kings Dominion. I'd go there so often, the coasters are fantastic. I went there on a wind ensemble trip this past spring and I loved it. I wish I got ride everything.

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