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What park have you been to the most?

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Whalom Park. I don't know the exact amount of times I visited there, but starting at age three going to age eight, I visited the park at least once a week while it was open during the summer. And I'd also visit the beach and slides at least three times a week while I still lived in Massachusetts. Man I miss that park. Flyer Comet got me hooked on coasters ever since the first ride I took on it the very first time I visited the park.

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I've been visiting the jersey shore every year since I was a baby but not sure that counts.


Theme parks wise I've been to my favorites just about equally but I think I've been to hershey the most.


Walt disney world's magic kingdom I've been to the most I think if you count everytime I entered and left. I've visited the resort 4 times since I was 2 years old.


Hershey I've gone almost 5 to 6 times now, I've made it every year in the last few years, I will be going again this year(life is too short and I want to go and I don't care the cost anymore).


Six flags great adventure I've only visited maybe 3 times now but by the end of the season it will quickly be caught up with the rest of the parks here.


I use to go to Clementen park with my grade school for a few years but not sure for how many years we did this, my guess would be about 3 or 4.


I've only done Universal studios in flordia twice and Islands of adventure once. When harry potter opens the count should go up.



Forgot to add Dorney to the list, I've visited dorney about 3 or 4 times as well.

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I've been to Knoebel's many, many more times than any other park. I've always lived 20 minutes away from the park, and my dad who I visited every weekend lived about 5 minutes away. I'd say I've been there 50+ times in my life, not so much recently though.


I've also been to Dorney about 10 times, well, Wildwater Kingdom when I was younger, but Dorney nonetheless.

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I've been going to my home park of Six Flags Great America since I was ten in 1979- probably been there near 100 times altogether.


My first visit was the last year of Turn Of The Century (before it modified into The Demon), The second season of The Tidal Wave, and when Willard's Whizzer still utilized four (count 'em) trains.

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I've been to Six Flags America atleast 500 times. I've been going atleast 2 times every week for the past couple of years since I have a season pass and the fact that I can hear people screaming on roller coasters from my house (that means its close lol)

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I know for sure that I've been to SFKK more than any other park, but I'm not sure how many times.


I do remember that I went 12 times in 1999...(the year I reached 48"! Best time of my life! )

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I think I went to Islands of Adventure 10 times before it opened to the public, and maybe a hundred times since, so IOA followed by Cedar Point when I was a kid. Did anyone else attend the soft openings at IOA? It was just awesome, like having your own theme park.

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That would have to be a tie between Europa Park and Walibi Belgium. Both of those we go countless times. (Seriously, I've lost count). Plus, Europa Park is the greatest park in Europe to me! I only go to Walibi when I'm at my dads house, and when I am. I go three times a week.



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