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SFOG Spring Fling 07: Photo TR

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This Saturday was ACE Spring Fling at Six Flags over Georgia and we decided to take the camera for the first time ever! Last year almost all of morning ERT was cancelled due to rain, but this year IT was sunny and in the 80's all day. The park was fairly crowded for March, but the 2 hours of morning ERT and about 3 of night ERT easily made up for it.

ERT started on Scorcher of course, then spread to Goliath, then the Cotton sates opened up with Ninja, GASM and Viper... I mean Superman. There was a group photo outside of Dahlonega Mine Train for its 40th aniversery, but we were far to busy riding GASM to get there on time.

The park opened to the public, and of course we had to laugh at the people running to golath for the first ride as we walked by. At 1:00 the ACE lunch was over in the pavillion, where there was food, raffles and door prizes. My friend won a Mystery Mine DVD, and Robert Ulrich, (ACE regional manager) jokingly said that, "Maybe it even has a full POV video!!! No, no it doesn't."

We then had the privaladge of seeing the first showing of the new "Luney Tunes Talent Show" show. We got our T-shirts which look AWESOME this year, and headed over to Gotham city to catch a couple rides on Mindbender before we had to go into the Axis Arena so they could begin sweeping the park. A quick Q and A revaealed that there will be no Season pass holders day this year, and ERT in Gotham city began.

We hurried over to Batman to get front row once, then to Mindbender for most of the rest of the Gotham ERT. There was a slight misunderstanding about the time Acrophobia and Cyclone ERT started, so we hung around Acro for about 15 minutes rather than go back to Gotham city. We fully enjoyed Acrophbias return, caught a few rides on Cyclone, and ended the night on Goliath. Overall I think this Spring Fling easily exceded last years.


I finish off with one more Goliath picture showing you just how dominant it is to the whole park.


"Hey, I can see Atlanta from here!"

"So what?"

Well, its a city."


As you can see, they took Cyclones onride system and put it on Batman.


Haven't been in here for a while.


If that bottom tree wasn't there, and I had been patient enough to wait for a train to go by, this would have been a really nice picture.


Ninja does look nice reflected in the water though.


These poeple don't realize it yet, but they are about to plunge into the depths of Vekoma head-banging hell.


We also got some different views of GASM and Ninja. These people are actually having fun.


At lunch, they auctioned off Freefalls control panel with a commemorative sign. R.I.P. Freefall.


OOH! I really like this angle of the Wheelie.


My head hurts just looking at it.


The following are shots of rides I got from the train.


For some strange reason, this is the only shot I got of Cyclone.


Loggy ride!!!


I love the sign!


A through the trees look at the top of the "third loop."


Thank you, Anton, for making the best vertical loops ever.


Ah! Ther it is again!


You can see the ride from literally almost anywhere in the park.


(extremely loudly) " Join the monsters at the mansion..." I still love this ride too.


The tunnel of pain and despair.


I still find Mine Train to be a fun ride. And if you sit in the front car, you may just be luckey enough to get airtime.


"Aw man, the ofrces are over."


At least ours actully fits in our terrain. COUGH: great america COIGH: great adventure COUGH.


The only part of the ride thats not completely forceless. Then, some people complain that its "too forceful."


For some strange reason we felt obligated to ride.


No caption needed.


Did I mention its beauitiful? Notice the ACEr in the front row protecting his hea from decapitation.


The first drop isn't steep, but its fun.


Ah, one of the most beautiful coasters I know.


We were supposed to have ERT on the paperweight, but it was valleyed all day.


This is a very fun ride to Marathon during ERT, especially at night.


Awaiting the first train of ACE'rs to come around the corner.


Little sign. I hate that the theme they advertise as, "A Giant among Coasters" has nothing to do with the theme of the actual ride as being a time machine or whatever.


Big sign...


I know you love the Goliath pics, so I'm gonna keep going.


Good to see Acrophobia up and running, and it has some new signage.


It just looks so beautiful.


Those invisible people are getting so much airtime right now.


Sxy sillouhette of two of Goliaths hills.


Goliaths awesome helix.


As you can see, this ride is clearly sponsered by the L.A. Lakers.


MMM... twisty goodness.


Nothing like starting the day with ERT on freshly painted Scorcher. Notice that they are testing it with restraints open.

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nice photos and recap


I don't think I saw you yesterday, but then again, I was so hopped up on drugs I couldn't even see my feet if I had to look for them. Congrats on someone winning since I continue my shut out streak


Goliath did pretty good, especially when we were able to avoid getting pinned. Cyclone did ok as well, better than normal to me. Mind Bender ran great yesterday too, and without the rain to cause the park to show its worst traits, I'd call this the best Spring Fling yet

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Ya I thought everything was running fairly well, but Cyclone has yet to run as well as it did last season this season. I was happy everything was running two trains, until about halfway through night ERT. BTW, I did see you from across Axis Arena at one point, but never talked to you Joe.

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Erm....no passholder day? If the problem is low attendance, maybe they should advertise it more.



That's not good, considering about half of the empty days of the year are already gone. All we have left now is a few weekdays in May and June.

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