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Question about the DVDs


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It says buy 2 DVDs and get the 3rd free. Does that mean I have to buy 2 at the same time? What if I bought 1, and then maybe a month later decided to purchase a 2nd, would I then be eligible for the 3rd free even though I purchased my first two at different times?


Just wondering because I am a rather poor college student and I'm not in a position to buy 2 at once at the moment!

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Top Posters In This Topic

If you can shell out the extra $25, you should try and get them now for several reasons

-They're worth it (one disc of park footage, another for raw coaster footage, and another for bonus features.)

-They support the site (meaning that TPR doesn't get covered with annoying ads)

-Sometimes you get some extra crap with them, such as a TPR pen or a strand of Elissa's hair!

-Robb won't continue the 3 for 2 deal forever.

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Yep, you gotta buy two at a time to get the third one free. I don't think it's a bad deal at all. If you get Vol 6, 7, and 8 for example, all 3-disc sets, you'd end up with *NINE* full length coaster DVDs for $50. That's only $5.50 each.


Quite a bargin!


Good luck betting on the game!



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It depends on several factors


The initial temperature of each ice cube

The volume and surface area of each ice cube

The ambient temperature of the air around each cube and the counter

The heat capacity of the air, counter, and ice cubes

The pressure of the air (remember, PV = nRT). The air, however, is probably not an idea gas, so the equation is slightly more complicated

The velocity relative to the speed of light of the counter, ice cube, and air molecules (since time is slightly distorted)

Is the system isolated?

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