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PTR - Carowinds - 2007 Opening Day

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Great pics Wes! Good to see everyone again, and twas a fun day as normal hanging with good friends. Here's a link to my own pics from the trip. (Over 200!) Yes, We definitely played 'find the paramount logo's as you'll see in the pics.




Yeah you definetly beat me in the number of pics department.


I guess I've got so many pics of Carowinds I just didn't feel like taking more. lol

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Loved the TR for opening day at Carowinds. I live in Winston, but I work weekends at the hospital...unfortunately that cuts into a lot of the group trips I have found. I know this is a very late post, but I am new to TPR and have been reading a lot of the past threads. I wish I had found TPR and the other groups I have stumbled across earlier on in my coaster obsession!! Dare to dream for a hyper in NC! As long as I have Top Gun and Thunder Road, I'm good...maybe not fully satisfied, but good none the less!


Also, is the Wootah Gang the same crew I've heard talked about on Rock 92?


Thanks Again for the TR.


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