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New Six Flags Web Site

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The feeling of the new site is nice. Will take a bit to get use to it...but i'm sure the next few days they will be getting all the bugs and kinks worked out....SFOG saturday here we come!

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Wow this is awsome, i thought there old site was pretty bad but this one is pretty nice i think! I used to not like the old one because it had very little vedios and pics but now that has changed and it is great!

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Yea! They have SFDK on the front page. Even a offride video of Medusa. Also, what a nice photo of the park, except they have like 5 trains running on every ride. Also, they could have taken their time to go through every page for errors. But overall, its nice.

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The new interface and design is very nice. Clean and easy to navigate; more content than the previous site design; a lot more user friendly and easier on the eyes.


However, the countless mistakes and errors in the text and images are ridiculous. You'd think with the hope in starting with a clean slate they would put a little more effort to make sure everything is correct and matching. You can tell from reading into the details and spending a few minutes on the website that the team that put together all the media pretty much did a half-assed job. The new website is pretty much the same sh*t just, but in a new bathroom.


I'm going to hope these small errors get fixed, but I know better than to do that because they probably won't be corrected.

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I'll add my $.02:


I like the new site layout (although I did like the pick-a-park map), but here are a few of the more comical eff-ups from my home park, SFNE:


http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/Rides/nightwing.aspx - Nightwing...errmmm...I mean Time Warp...or something.


http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/Rides/TimeWarp.aspx - Time Warp, except no photo...apparently SFNE used its Time Warp photo quota already.


http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/Rides/batman.aspx - B:TDK "...five bank turns, two corkscrews and three loops. All topped off with a zero-g roll and drop." OK, I understand the two corkscrews, but where the eff are the second and third loops? I count ONE loop, ONE Immelman, and a zero-g roll that's already been mentioned, so do we count it twice as a loop and a zero-g roll?


http://www.sixflags.com/newEngland/rides/ThrillRides.aspx - the "full" list also has some amusing moments when one clicks on each ride name. For example:


Cyclone: Take a thrilling spin on the Cyclone—one of the largest, most exciting wooden coasters in the world. Hello? El Toro who? Shivering Timbers what? Define "largest" for me?


Nightwing: Same "Time Warp" picture as the ride's page.


Scream: The photo on the ride's page is correct, but expand the info on the ride list page to see SFMM's Scream. I can see mistaking one coaster for another, but c'mon folks...

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I dislike this new way a heap of a lot more then i disliked the old way!


If you're a dumb ass from overseas and you don't know which states are near Delaware, and you want to find a six Flags park, you know have to find an atlas.


And what is with the new ride listing system!

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Ride the world’s first tubular steel roller coaster. Six Flags’ Runaway Mine Train is the attraction that changed the thrill ride rules forever.

Huh. And here I was so sure that was Matterhorn...


Disney actually stole the title from Six Flags...because Runaway Mine Train runs at a full circuit, or something..

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^ That made absolutely no sense. Matterhorn runs at a full circuit too. The record is "first tubular steel roller coaster." That definitely belongs to Matterhorn Bobsleds, not Mine Train.


You're wrong, I've studied buddy, you have no idea because you listened to Disney lie to you and they were a much better known company back then than SF and they stole Mine Train's title; also you don't know very much about SFoT like I do because it is an obsession to me, and it is a very underrated park because people think Texas is just hicksville and it's not at all anymore in Dallas, so shut up you friggin know it alls


*I apologize for this post...(hoping everyone doesn't hate me)

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