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PTR: Disneyland 3/18/07

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Good day everyone! How are we all? Well, I hope.



Anyway, over a month ago I realized that Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction would be turning 40-years-old this year! I thought the occasion would make a great little excuse to plan a small trip to the park! I asked Mike (mr.six) if he wanted to go, but after the “UnSolace Weekend” trip to the park (while I had an amazingly-fun time) I have to admit I was rather burnt-out! I thought it was time for a “break”, if you will.


But low-and-behold, the work of school and the politics of life had me begging for another little vacation! So once Mike reminded me of the trip to the park, I decided a trip was definitely in order! And boy was I glad I did! It really turned into a fun little meet at the parks!


So you’re welcome to join me as I share the day with you!



Mike was dumb and hit his head on the roof of the tram. Promptly after doing so, he fell off and I jumped off after him and suffered head-injuries!


Ooooh! This looks like it’s going to be a great day!


The day started around 9:00am at the Main Gate. Me, Mike, my sister and her friend, met up with Chris from the boards. We headed into the park and split up from my sister and her friend so she wouldn’t bug us (well, bug me ). Grabbed FastPasses for Rockin’ Space Mountain! Next we thought we would kick off the day with the Matterhorn Bobsleds.


…of which none of my photos came out from. So no Matterhorn pictures for you. BTW…since Mike, Chris, and I weren’t about to lap-sit, we were going to sit in our own rows. Rather than explaining ourselves I decided to just claim to be a single-rider from the start. But apparently the CM picked up on what we were doing and kindly implied that I shouldn’t be at the front of the group anymore because I wasn’t smart enough to count the number of my group. Jerk!


Anyway, after the Matterhorn we met up with TJ, who was waiting for us at the exit. We have a habit of hitting all the major attractions early, so today, we decided to begin the day with smaller attractions that will only grow in wait-times, so we headed for Toontown.


Toontown needs some work! With two rides with regularly-heavy waits and bubble-wrapped play areas, it just isn’t so “toony” anymore!


Chris, deciding if he just tasted the “Screamin’ Water” or the “Woozy Water”.


A quick ride on Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin (Jessica Rabbit is a major babe, BTW) and we next walked onto Gadgets Go Coaster (who is even cute, for a mouse! Ok, I didn’t just say that).


The expressions of joy are so convincing.



…at least Gadgets Go Coaster didn’t try to kill us with water like Merlin’s Revenge did! I still can’t believe that thing!


Anyway, we left Toontown and walked to Fantasyland, hoping Peter Pan didn’t yet already have a 45-minute wait. It was probably around 30-minutes, but we still didn’t feel like waiting so we opted for the, much cooler anyway, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.


By the time we were off that, we were all feeling sort of hungry! I already had breakfast, but that was hours ago! It was time for second breakfast! Annoyed with the line at the River Bell Terrace, we headed to Café Orleans. I have never been there before, but it was really nice! It has been recently converted from a cafeteria style restaurant to a table-service restaurant and the staff was very friendly. I got the Mickey Waffles, which I think I now prefer to the Mickey pancakes! Crazy, I know! So I’ll definitely be back there one day.


Now that’s pretty damn fancy! But it was oh so good!


Our bill came with little stickers and we were suddenly reminded of why we were there!


…so then we decided why not go ride Pirates, before the lines got to long!


Arrr! Ye come seeking a piece of birthday cake, eh? Well, we aren’t be servin’ any!


Pirates was just great as always. For being 40-years-old, it still looks better than any other dark ride I’ve ever been on, thanks to the recent refurbishment. The only thing that I didn’t care for was that the Davey Jones waterfall effect was out of focus! You could hear his voice, but only see a faint outline of his head fade in and out! And on this ride’s birthday! Shame on them!


Uhuh ladies…..you’re absolutely right.




…the water IS 2-feet-deep.









Upon exiting, we stubled upon the little event they were hosting in honor of the ride’s anniversary!


Ooooh. Quite a line-up they got here!


While we were all intrigued and willing to go check out the “Legends”, none of us could justify waiting in line to do so. And thus, we passed. Damn Disney-freak-passholders! Even though I’m categorized in your group, I don’t like you getting in my way like that! *snaps fingers back and forth*


Anyway, we decided to get over missing out on “X and Friends” by grabbing some Indy FastPasses (the machines were like, dead, so they just had a CM handing you the pass!) and going to use our Rockin’ Mountain FPs. But, it was just our luck that the ride was down.


Disappointed we were missing both “X and Friends” and Rockin’ Mountain, we realized we should just go do something better!




It was funny—neither of the two ladies we were gawking at two weeks ago were at the show, but rather it was a third Jedi Chick who, in my opinion, topped them all! She wasn’t all plastered in make-up like Jiggles the Mii! Just beautiful! I even picked up an action shot…


Oh do I wish I was that kid right now!




Anyway, after a quick peek at the Jedi show, we decided to catch some Monorail-action. After all, it just recently opened back to full-circuit operation. We also hoped for a peek at the nearly-complete lagoon.




We were at the back-most gate, ready to walk over and ask the CM if we could sit in the end-car, but they opened the gates one by one and some CRAZY monstrosity of a woman darted out and scored the back car! Dammit! So we took the more modest middle car and cursed that evil lady!


Mike was so mad, he ate the first thing he could find—his camera!


Heading back through the park, we can see a BEAUTIFUL lagoon! I posted this picture on my wall next to the one of the Jedi chick!


Anyway, we got back to Disneyland and saw that Rockin’ Space had reopened (of course already had a 45 minute queue), so we used our FPs on it.


No matter what planet you’re from…this ride pretty much sucks!


You know, the ride isn’t necessarily as bad as I said it was. I was so much in shock at how bad it was, that I did emphasize it a bit too much. Heh. That being said, I really hope it doesn’t come back ever. I hope this was my last ride on it for good.


After Rockin’, I don’t know what prompted it but we felt like grabbing Big Thunder FPs and riding Poo! On our way, we stopped at two stops, just for Derek! These ones are for you Derek!...


Dole Whips = love!


Cause he’s Captain Jack Sparrow, he’s Captain Jack Sparrow! He’s Captain Jack! He’s Captain Jack! He’s Captain Jack Sparrow!





Anyway! On with the show! We all got in line for Poo, who’s wait was so short, the wait time sign wasn’t even posting a number! There was just absence of reality where the queue was!


Buff, Max, and Melvin > Buffalo


This is ironically TJs own poo face. As for Mike…he went in a trance after seeing the Heffalumps and Woozles room and would chase his tail for 30 minutes after the ride!


It’s true!



After Poo, we had 5 minutes to kill before we could use our Indy FPs, so we decided to check out Tarzan’s Treehouse. My legs are still freakin sore!


Boo…it’s starting to get more crowded! Note the signs in the middle of the midway for crowd control, telling guests to stay to their right.


Mike got a few words, but still hasn’t gotten down the whole “reading” thing.



This is pretty much what Robb looks like with KidTums.


Once we were safely at the bottom of the tree it was time to go ride Indy!!!


TJ’s confused, Chris is relaxed, and Mike is determined. As for me, I’m getting yelled at by CMs for not sitting in my seat!


Our Indy ride was great, but a lot of the effects are still noticeably broken and the lack of fire is disappointing. It’s still the greatest ride ever! But it needs some work!


Anyway at this point in the day we all thought it would be ok to hop over and try our luck at DCA. After all, the only thing left nearby was the Jungle Cruise and I think we all knew nothing would top the UnSolace ride on it!



But we were all shocked when we arrived at DCA…crowds!


They’re…they’re EVERYWHERE!


We came from pretty average crowds at DL to, by DCA’s standards, INSANE crowds!


That’s got to be like, a 4-5 show wait for the tortilla factory!


Chris says: “Screw the tortilla factory! I would rather munch with Rosie O’Donnel”!


After our sourdough bread, we prayed that we could get on California Screamin’ but didn’t feel that we could at that time! The line was in the extended queue, around 60 minutes!!! Even the single-rider line was backed up badly!


SR-queue! Crazy huh! I guess none of these people could get dates either!


Frustrated with the queues, we decided to FP Mulholland Madness (it had only a 60-minute FP wait time, with at 49 minute queue….yes, it was posted at 49 minutes!) Then we went to grab some grub at the Taste Pilots Grill! Upon arriving, we were in shock by what we found!...


Computerized ordering screens!!! WTF?!?!


You know, as much as I wanted to hate those computers, I couldn’t help but like them! They were actually VERY efficient. And we got our food quicker than we usually would! And it was good food, as always!


After lunch we hopped in a real short wait for Grizzly River Run, or GRR (as Yeti Ball calls it…of course, he calls most rides that! ). Half wet, half dry, we exited the ride and launched a quest—the quest to find TJ!


Chris walks forwards while Mike walks backwards, to cover 360-degrees of surveillance.


Meanwhile, I used the many lookouts to search the area for him.


There he is!



As I have said before—it’s the hat that makes the costume!



After finally checking out the Challenge Trail for the first time, which was actually quite nice, we were off to use our FPs at Mulholland Madness!


We aren’t screaming because of the ride, but because we want away from the creepy single-rider guy in the back! That guy freaking creeping us out!


We got off Mulholland Madness and were lucky enough to get another addition to our group—Chuck! Unfortunately for him, we were about to go make another very special stop at DCA!


Yup! This will actually be my Golden Dreams Devirginization!


Holy crap, it IS crowded today! Either that, or all these people are REALLY here for Whoopie Goldberg!


I know a lot of you would disagree, but I really didn’t think that Golden Dreams was quite as bad as I had heard! In fact, up until the never-ending montage at the end, it was actually decent to follow! Historically, it was decent (except for skipping from the 1600s to 1850s to ignore the fact we pretty much stole the state from Mexico Sorry…the history guy in me!). And cinematically, it was well done (except for the cheesy implied-explosion scene I had heard about). I was really an ok flick and that armpit-Mickey was the greatest thing ever! Granted, as a Californian, I’m now constantly worried that Whoopie Goldberg is following me around! It had that “educational” feel that made it seem more Epcot-esque than DCA-esque. Not that there’s a CA pavilion or anything!



Anyway, after Golden Dreams we managed to get on Screamin’. It definitely took us much quicker to get on then we had anticipated, which was good! I had a great front-seat ride with Mike. I have to say, I almost might miss this version. It was a good last ride. Off of Screamin’, we had pretty much finished with DCA. Soarin’ had a 75 minute posted wait…60 for tower! Even Monsters Inc. managed to fill its entire extended queue! So really, we were done!


Back in Disneyland, we decided to head over to the Haunted Mansion—and it would prove to be one of the craziest rides on the Haunted Mansion ever!


So there’s practically no wait and before you know it, we’re on the ride. Everything was absolutely normal until the end. Right as Chuck and my doombuggy’s restraint opens, there’s a ride-stop, trapping Mike and Chris about 3 feet from the exit ramp! We proceed to the exit and notice the cast member (CM) frantically heading up the little ramp where the doombuggies turn away to reload. Apparently a kid had jumped back on the ride and tried to ride around again. As the CM went to get him out, we rode up the exit ramp and waited at the top, to see what was going on.


All of a sudden we see the kid appear, followed by the CM. The kid was screaming and we couldn’t tell if he was laughing or crying. As the CM went to get the ride-phone, the kid darted back up into that ramp! WTF?!!?


WTF mate!


Sure enough, a second CM was on the scene and the two CMs, with much effort, might I add, cornered the kid and tried to get him up the exit ramp. It was at this point that it was evident the kid wasn’t just some prankster but rather had a very serious mental condition. Why he was without parents baffles me. Perhaps that’s why he was freaking out. Sure enough, he jumped up the exit ramp, flapping his arms and screaming like a velociraptor. Not that I’ve heard one!


Anyway, we got all the way out of the exit as they reset the ride and emerged onto the midway, waiting for Chris and Mike. The kid was running around holding his ears as if he heard voices or what not, screaming, and then ran back into the exit. Of all the “spooks” on the Haunted Mansion, that was seriously the scariest thing I have ever seen!


After our ride, we headed to use our Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad FPs.


I figured I’d throw in a “nice” picture! It’s a refreshing change, I know!


Chris and Mike are trying to communicate with the suicidal goat!



After BTMRR, my sister and her friend joined us and we were really becoming a full group. We headed through Fantasyland and towards It’s a Small World for no apparent reason, stopping to see the parade.


We found the Ursula puppet’s zipper, and let me tell you—you do not want to get near that thing after a meal!


Since the parade ended and it would be hell to go anywhere else, it was actually best to just go on It’s a Small World. The ride was almost tolerable to me until I found something…


Penguins!??! You GOT to be kidding me!! They’re here too?!


We exited IASW and ran back into TJ! We were now a full group!


You asked for it and now you got it!—The Yeti popcorn turner!


We then rode Star Tours and headed to dinner. Dinner was again at the French Market. I wish they had their live band playing, but the company was a beautiful substitute.


Chris has that “I did something wrong” look about him.


Suddenly as we’re eating, the park speakers chimed on and we heard the announcement for the fireworks! Crap! We gotta get over there! So we made Mike stop eating and made a zipline for the Hub! There was still just an INCY bit of room for us in the back of the hub and we made it with a minute to spare!


The group at the end of the night, waiting for Remember…Dreams Come True, Presentado por Honda!




Honestly, despite the hub trees, we still could see the entire show and it was great as always! With the exception of the “head” shell for the Mickey’s head fireworks failing-to-launch, the show went off without a hitch.


After the show, we all looked at each other and wondered what to do! It was late, but we all had a little bit of energy in us, so I proposed hitting up Pirates one final time before the night was out. So we did!


40-years and I’m still turning this damn wheel!



You know, when I started to look at Pirates of the Caribbean as more than just a slow-moving boat-ride and allowed myself to look at it as a story-experience, I grew such a greater appreciation for it. It really has some intricate storytelling techniques throughout the ride making it the most thematically-heavy ride I have ever been on. When you look at the show as more than just “pirate scenery” and treat it as a painting, analyzing the placement of props and scenes, you come to fully understand the story they’re trying to tell. What sells the story is the detail. The ride is 40-years-old and just on this very ride, I noticed a gag I never have before! It’s this level of detail that keeps guests coming back again and again. It really made for a great little “excuse” to come down to the park.


Pirate Jahan looks constipated!



Anyway, that final ride on Pirates made for a GREAT conclusion to a GREAT visit. I had so much fun. It’s visits like these that really “stand out” and keep me coming back. So a major thank you to all who were able to join me! The great company made the day. Of course, at this point I could still use a little break. It looks like I wont be getting down there until after this Rockin’-scam is over with. But that will only better build the anticipation for my next trip.


Goodnight DL. Goodnight DCA.







Thank you guys for reading another really really really long PTR! I totally appreciate it! Feel free to post any questions, comments, concerns, or praise, if you wanna!



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LOL! It really was an awesome day! Everything from start to finish was great. Also...do I only spot four waffles on your plate?! I could of sworn you had more at some point. Thanks again Chuck for everything you helped out with that day! You rock....but in a good way....not like "Rockin' Chuck" or anything.


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First WTF I noticed in your TR!


When did Disney start allowing facial hair on their in-park entertainment? That pirate arrrrrrrrrh there with the accordion....


And Second WTF I couldn't help but..... stare at...


Your desserts there - what IS that.... uh.... bigger 'thing' .... there near Chris?


Looks disgusting and altogether strangely alluring at the same melted cheesy (am I close?) time.....


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That is cool that they had some events for the Pirates 40th. We went to the Magic Kingdom for Space Mountain's 30th, and they did not have even a single sign up for the event. They only thing we could find was a special 30th pin that marked that day.

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As always, Jahan's photo TR entertain. Looks like everyone had a good time. And I agree that Indy is in dire need of a rehab. I was really disappointed with my ride on it a few weeks ago, as so much stuff wasn't working right. And "Rockin'" Space Mountain must die!



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Nice PhotoTR Jahan! LOL They are always entertaining. Disneyworld looks nice as usual. It's too bad that the last time I was at Disney, there was only Captain Hook and Mr. Smee Pirates of the Carribbean wasn't even out as a movie yet! Ugh. Another reason why I want to go to WDW.



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^ Well really, Jahan pretty much summed up the whole song in one line. Those are the only lyrics!


He's Captain Jack Sparrow, he likes Alice in Wonderland. He's Captain Jack Sparrow, Casey is Alice's biggest fan! He's Captain Jack Sparrow, he likes eating spam.


And on, and on, and on.....

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OMGLMAO....Not fair Matt! Jahan awesome trip report...I think I need to go back down there. But I want to do disney in the winter, I hear it is pretty neat during that time, maybe this time I can see a fireworks show there, I have yet to see a whole one. But some funny pictures and great stuff.


Casey"But Matt is right, Where is my ALICE PIC"Childers

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Thanks for the tribute to the "good" Pirates, Jahan. I know what you mean about that song--they played it about every five minutes when I was there last August, along with asking everyone to take the "Pirate Oath" every two minutes. Some of the strolling pirates harrassing people in the French Market were pretty funny, though.

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JAHAN!!!! Sooo much fun! I had a blast! DLR is so much more fun with friends that appreciate the details! Seriously though....I wish EVERYONE could have seen that Velociraptor kid! I couldn't even look him in the eye for fear of having my soul sucked out! It was truly scary! Thanks again for an incredible P:TR!




Chuck "On the lookout for Velociraptor kid!" Garcia

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Thanks for all of your kind responses guys! I totally appreciate it!




First WTF I noticed in your TR!


When did Disney start allowing facial hair on their in-park entertainment? That pirate arrrrrrrrrh there with the accordion....


And Second WTF I couldn't help but..... stare at...


Your desserts there - what IS that.... uh.... bigger 'thing' .... there near Chris?


Looks disgusting and altogether strangely alluring at the same melted cheesy (am I close?) time.....



Lol! Well first, I dont think one of those Pirates beards is even real! Second, I dont know what the rules are when it comes to the pirate entertainment, but I would think that maybe there is an exception to the rule?


As for the thing next to dessert--just an empty bowl of soup with a napkin in it (clam chowder).



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Nice TR.


I actually think the fiddle player chick in the pirate band is kinda hot.


The pirate group's lead female singer last summer wasn't bad, either. Aye, a tidy stern section had she!

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I guess we did not think Rockin' Space Mountain was terrible. We actually sort of liked it. The ride itself was still good IMO, though we have never ridden the "real" Disneyland version yet. So things can only get better for our return visit.

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Great job, Jahan. I love how you do storytelling in between the pictures, it actually makes me have to read.


I can't wait to get back to Disneyland again. Maybe I'll come out later in the year and we can sing more of "Captain Jack Sparrow" for Casey!

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