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Dry Run Day at Carowinds

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Low and behold i recieved my complimentary tickets to dry run day at Carowinds. So being a former employee i thought wow i get to see how guests feel now. Well let me say i wasnt excited as what i thought it would be.


I got to the parking lot some it is paved but not a lot the entrance still has the metal detectors. Here is what greets everybody now when you enter through North Gate



Now what everybody is waiting for Carolina Skytower in its new paint it looks pretty good



Now i was the first guest to ride top gun my baby and boy was it hauling a lot smoother than what i remember



Now for Southern Star (Originally Frenzoid)


Actually first the games have been refurbished


Now here is southern star from Skytower



Now next to Scooby Doo


And Borg as it waits to return to the station



Overall rides were breaking down and staff was way overstaffed hope that will get better for when they need staff the most. So Far Overall Grade the week before Opening



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Thanks for the "inside" pictures.


I actually like the Skytowers new look!


And as far as Southern Start...it's going to be so weird walking into the County Fair and it being right there in front of you, instead of it being hidden away in the corner.

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